SEO Optimization

SEO includes more than one factor and strategy. Our team members in Organiksoft strive to include them all in order to achieve the best results possible. There are two crucial categories of SEO: on-page and off-page. We directly control on-page SEO and obtain traffic through search engines.
Organiksoft offers complete and full service of web design, e-commerce, CMS, responsive design, iPhone App, Android App and web applications because we are well aware of the fact that you need every aspect of the web promotion covered.

Web Development

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or e-marketing is used for marketing i.e. promotion of commerce or business through internet medium. Internet has opened enormous new market. Latest earnings of online companies report 15 billion dollar turnover from internet sales in the last year and still increasing.


What is the essential thing to have a successful internet marketing start? Cup of coffee and work till small hours? No, but close enough. It’s SEO. Some online marketing “gurus” keep saying SEO is dead. We don’t think so.

From recent Google changes of their algorithm, especially Panda, we have learned that SEO is the first step, and essential one for increasing your website exposure to the search engines. After properly implemented SEO strategy we can move forward to manual link building, PPC etc.


Internet Marketing

Let us imagine this situation. You have the most beautiful website that is packed with pretty images and useful information related to your service or products, but you haven’t done any internet marketing, like search engine optimization or link acquiring so far and it is somewhere on 19th page on Google search. OK, you get the picture. What is the point of your super-fast, nice looking website that has no visitors and traffic at all?

Internet or so called online marketing is crucial for success of a website, period! There is no success without customers.


Web Development

Why do you need quality web development? Is it really that important? Answer is simple – YES! Web development can be crucial when it comes to Google ranking. How? Fast, secure and reliable, low bounce rate, nice looking, easy to use and navigate website can boost your business and ROI to the sky.

But web development is not important just for ranking on search engines, your web site is who you are, something like your ID. It represents your firm to millions of potential clients because your site is a first thing they will know about your company.


Focus on Goals – Increase Your Visibility in Search and Gain Competitive Advantage

Honest and free-flowing conversation

Who is Organiksoft? We Are Lead Focused, Traffic and Sales Generation Company!

Val founded Organiksoft back in 2006 as web development firm in San Diego, California. After a while intrigued by Google Optimization we slowly started to migrate toward SEO and Internet Marketing. Today we are agile search agency with 15 employees most of them marketing enthusiast, link builder geeks and web designers, that are specialized in SEO consulting & audit, social media management, creative and organic link acquisition, reputation management and content creation.

Like we said, we are just San Diego based company, but working with clients and companies from all over the world. We have offices in San Diego, CA and Europe as well.

Throughout these years we helped many small and medium size businesses in United States, mostly California and in Europe, see our portfolio, to increase their online visibility and brand awareness to the maximum and approach to potential clients in unique way. How? Well simple, by making their websites relevant firstly for users and after that for Google and other search engines. We are optimizing websites from every angle to make them more profitable – to generate leads and sales.

Sometimes drastic but effective SEO measures has to be done to achieve our clients optimum ROI. We have experience in different marketing niches, most of them are highly competitive, like disability, real estate, insurance, fashion, home appliance, software development and others. Organiksoft clients are on a first page of search results for all main keywords and key phrases. They hire us because they have trust in us and stay with Organiksoft because we get them results.

Everyone talks about recent Google algorithm updates – Panda and Penguin and how many businesses’ were negatively affected by thesedangerous animals”. But none of our clients were affected by this algo changes, quite opposite, they have improved their positions on Google. All that shows that our job is Google friendly without black heat SEO techniques.

Why Organiksoft?

To summarize, we work hard and ethical every day, every hour and we do everything in our power to provide our client with new leads and greater sales. So, if you have business that needs audience, we can help. Send us en email with basic information about your website at or call us at (858) 224-8395. Different approach for every client, same aim – more traffic, more leads and more business. Let’s start working!

Working with Organiksoft, both development and marketing team, is fantastic experience. They have ability to support our goals regarding web design and online marketing. They understand today’s web and today’s business. Implementing their ideas helped us increase organic traffic and exposure. I would recommend them to anyone who needs website, content and online PR.Maureen Sullivan, Marketing Director Mission San Luis Rey

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