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New Way to Verify Your Account on Google Webmaster Tools

Google has announced a new way for users to verify their domains in Webmaster tools. Google Webmaster tools is a service which provides important data regarding the performance of a site and helps identify issues that may have arisen – because this service shares sensitive data on the site owner’s behalf the domain has to be verified first. Read more »

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Great methods for amazing long term backlinks

One great method of amazing a healthy supply of backlinks for your website on a monthly basis is submitting links to web directories. Though making hundreds of submissions to such directories – as this is what you should be seriously aiming towards – can take a considerable amount of time, it remains a relatively straightforward process. Furthermore, provided that you amass backlinks from a healthy variety of these directories, including local, global, general and topic-specific directories, the long term results are certainly worth it! Read more »

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Factors To Improve Upon & Measure Your Site’s Credibility

Factors To Improve Upon & Measure Your Site’s Credibility:

In-Links: The search engines see in-links (links leading to your website from external sites) as signs of your trustworthiness. In-links are the virtual equivalent of someone “vouching” for your site. The more successful and credible the other site, the better you look to Bing and Google.
Out-links: Contrary to in-links, out-links are the links on your site that link to external sites. If your links are broken or the external site is irrelevant or outdated, your search rankings can take a hit.
A clean, error-free site: Broken/missing images, spelling mistakes, or 404 errors are all poor signs of a site’s credibility.
Traffic: Theoretically, the more traffic you get, the more relevant you are to searchers.

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Bing Offers Advice On New Google’s Update: Diversify

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, wrote a blog post on the Bing Search blog named Penguins & Pandas Poetry.

The post is about Google’s latest Penguin update and how SEOs and webmasters need to be better prepared for such updates.

The basic advice is simple, SEOs and webmasters need to do one thing – diversify.

Duane is not just saying, focus on Bing and make sure your site does well there too. Yes, if you lose all your Google traffic, ranking well in Bing is nice but since Bing only has about 30% marketshare, you are still missing out on a lot of traffic.

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Principles of On-Site SEO

Text is the most important element of any website. It is only those who are interested in what you have to say who will return to your site.

*Use unique and easily understood language.

Keywords are another important component of writing effective web content. With a little research you can discover what some of the most popular keyword searches are that relate to your subject matter. The idea is to incorporate as many of these keywords or phrases as you can, and to do so as often as possible. A strong keyword density accelerates your site’s visit count.
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Google Latest Algorithm Update – Penguin

Google has released an update to it’s search engine algorithm. The Penguin Update is mainly intended to concentrate on the website sites which use SPAM techniques to Optimize their Website for getting onto the Top of search results.

According to observers the latest update is going to affect at least 3% of websites on the internet while the last penguin update has it’s affect on around 13% of websites. Read more »