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Happy New Year from the Organiksoft team

Warmest greetings and best wishes for the New Year from the Organiksoft team! Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness. Looking forward to new challenges that New Year will bring us!

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Factors That Influence Your Local Search

It is not easy to comprehend all the things that may influence your local search, but we will try to explain the ones that have the greatest influence. There are certainly lots of ways to promote your local business on the web and make the most of it. Read more »

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60 Seconds Guide To LinkedIn For Internet Marketers

Professional social network that gains more and more members each day is LinkedIn. It has enormous potential and it is not to be underestimated considering that it has over 150 million members worldwide. There are several ways that a member can build a personal brand and business reputation, but also increase the traffic to a personal or business website. There are always ways to maximize its use and promote products, services, groups. Here are some basic guidelines.

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How To Create A Buzz With Attractive Content?

Creating content that will get people talking is the ultimate goal of all the bloggers around the world. However, what happens when you create a great content that no one actually reads? We agree, that is definitely the hardest part of content marketing and probably the biggest reason why blogs fail. This article will help you to attract the right kind of attention.

The best way to find the right way of creating content is to imagine yourself as the reader. Would you like to read that article? What would be interesting for you and what wouldn’t? What kind of content would keep your attention to the last sentence? If you answer these questions, it will be much easier for you to have a deeper understanding of your readers. Read more »

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How To Recover From Penguin 2.1?

A little over a month ago, Google released a new update – Penguin 2.1. There are some changes that it caused. Of course, most website owners are in panic, wondering how it will affect their websites. This new update identified newer link spam created after the Penguin 2.0. Everyone are trying to figure out how this algorithm works exactly and this article sheds a little light on it.

The Main Focus

This update is causing lots of changes and we want to help you understand it better. Placing an excessive number of links on the same platform, as well as placing multiple links to the same page from the same guest post is likely to be penalized. Avoid creating unnecessary pages for the sole purpose of putting more content on the site and creating more internal links and creating short blog posts (500 words or less) linking back to the target page. Read more »

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We Get Intelligent Search With Hummingbird!

With the new Google algorithm, many started wondering is it necessary to change SEO strategy, since it caused panic attacks of most website owners. If you started thinking that SEO is dead, this cannot be more far from the truth. Page rank will be pursued in the same way, with few slight changes such as the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Unique and high quality content is still on the top of priority list – that will never change. The only change is the way Google’s new algorithm interprets the way we search.

Old Habits Are Broken

Just a while ago, when we wanted to find some information, we would type the question into search engine and the information that it would give us often didn’t have much to do with what we truly wanted to know. However, this is about to change, since Hummingbird brought some intelligent changes with the intention to focus more on context rather than on the words within the query. Read more »

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The Essential Value Of Copywriting

If you are wondering what copyrighting is exactly, we can help you understand – it is the art of presenting products and services the way that is easily understandable and appealing to potential customers. The material written by copywriters can be read in magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers. The same product can be presented in so many different ways and every copywriter gives his/her personal touch which gives different result every time.
However, it is not enough to write a good article. In order for your article to be noticed, there are certain things that should be done, like SEO optimization.

You Need SEO Copywriting!

With so many content on the internet, it is hard to get your material noticed. In order to achieve this, you need professionals who will attract the attention of customers and provide content that is search engine friendly. It is important to create the content that will be noticed by search engines, so your page rank goes up, which will result in bigger profit. As you can see, everything is interconnected. Read more »

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Increase Your Conversation Rate With These Simple Advices

A word is very powerful, especially in the marketing world where people rely on the things that you are saying. You can attract the attention of the larger audience with few changes in the way you write articles.  It is not necessary to be a professional writer, you just need to understand the way your audience finds the information they need.

With so much information on the internet, anyone who wants to purchase a product starts their research on the web. This is why they don’t want you to give them solutions, but help them with advantages and disadvantages or your personal experience, so they can make a better decision.  More than half of the visitors function this way, so this is quite a big number. Keep in mind that with so many text, people don’t read, they scan, which means that you need to give them a content that makes this easier. Most people will decide if they want to stay on the page in 10, 20 seconds, so make it interesting and keep their attention. Read more »

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Essential Marketing Tools That Will Ease Your Life

Internet marketers have a number of different projects on their hands and it is not easy to keep up with all of them, at least not without the proper help. They are in charge of client’s online marketing campaign, including social media, email marketing, content, search engine optimization, etc. It makes you wonder how it is possible to keep up with all of that. Well, with the right choice of marketing tools, this is much easier. This article is all about the ways to help you stay on top of the situation.

  • Google Drive is great for sharing resources, files and updating spreadsheets, so your team can have all the necessary documents on their disposal. The storage limit is enormous, you have even 15 GB to store all the documents that you want in one place! One thing that most people will also find useful is that is completely free, so it is quite convenient. If you have lots of documents and you want a particular one, there is a search option, so you can easily find exactly what you need. Read more »
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Tips To Stop Unwanted Traffic To Your Site

Traffic is crucial element that determines if the website is going to have a high page rank. Since it is so important, some website owners start checking it every day to see if the number of visitors is higher or lower when compared to the previous day, but even though the number of visitors is important, it is even more important to have the right traffic from the visitors that are truly interested in your products.

Three or four thousand visitors may be a success, but only if the lead becomes a sale, which means that the goal of SEO efforts shouldn’t be just the increase of traffic, but to increase the right kind of traffic. This traffic can be avoided or stopped if you don’t want it. It is important to limit broad keyword targeting. Keywords are necessary for every SEO campaign, since the keywords you select will be used throughout the Meta optimization and on page content of your website in addition to content that is created elsewhere on the web for link building purposes. It will help you to think like a searcher and you will get a better idea about the keywords you should use. If you choose broad keywords, it may happen that lots of people will visit your website, but they will leave as soon as they see that it does not offer the specific information they want to know. It’s important to select the keywords that are most relevant to the page content. Read more »