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Link Building Keeps Its Importance!

Link building used to be the main technique that most internet marketers used to promote websites. They used to leave links on different websites in order to get the bigger attention and achieve higher rankings, sometimes even on websites that are not directly related to the offers. This type of SEO was noticed by search engines which resulted with Google Penguin Update. This update has changed the link building methodology, but the link itself has definitely kept its importance! So to say that link building lost its role is certainly not true.

Quantity lost its battle against quality, so the focus in on relevancy and value now. If you want to publish your content on the web, you need to publish it somewhere where the audience will see it. This way, inbound links can also work to generate traffic from the exact audience you want on your site. Logical, right?  It is a well-known fact that the best links are the ones that occur naturally. Read more »

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site? Part 2

We started explaining what should you do to speed up your WordPress site in the first part of this article and here are more advices that you will find useful for sure. You need to always keep in mind that slow load times leave a bad first impression and are also bad for your SEO. Perform a speed test and if your load time is under three seconds, that is decent, but if you manage to load it even faster than that is a success!

In order to achieve that, you should replace PHP with HTML in your code, whenever possible. Simple HTML is faster to process than PHP. If you have enough experience and you are ready to do this kind of work, you can engage in this kind of activity, but if you are not sure leave it to the professionals, since it is better not to risk it.  Keep in mind that spam takes up significant space in your database and that you should reduce it as much as possible. Trackbacks and Pingbacks aren’t good for your site speed, so turn them off. Whenever someone links to you, a trackback gets created, utilizing server and database resources, so you can simply disable trackbacks and pingbacks from WordPress’ Discussion Settings. Read more »

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

Even though WordPress is well coded as a platform, you should be aware that there is always room for improvements, particularly when you learn what you should avoid. This article will help you to learn what you should do to improve your WordPress site. Keep in mind that optimizing a WordPress site is not easy and you shouldn’t even begin the process unless you are absolutely sure that you know how to do it.

Reading review written by the Web Hosting enthusiasts will help you to learn more about the host you were planning to use. If you want to receive WordPress-specific support from your host, you should try a managed WordPress host. WPEngine is a fast growing reputable host that specializes in WordPress hosting. It is important to use a fast and well-coded theme, so if you choose a theme packed with lots of additional features that you don’t need, it will negatively impact your site performance. Read more »

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Competitive Analysis – Important Part Of SEO Campaign

For the success of any marketing campaign, one of the first things you will need to do is to conduct a competitive analysis. Do a research of the market in order to understand the way that your competition is doing business, so you can make a plan of your own to reach the customers. A competitive analysis will tell you what the competition is doing right and what they are doing wrong, which will help you to weight all the opportunities and take advantage of the best ones.

The same thing applies for SEO. Even though you may think that you can start working on your website without preparations, consider what your competition is doing first. Competitive analysis is part of an SEO Campaign and three important competitor items to consider are Site/domain age, Targeted keywords and Backlinks. Read more »

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What Can You Do To Protect Your Website from Negative SEO?

When companies want to achieve high page rank, they use different SEO techniques, so that anyone who is searching for the product that your website offers will get to see your site as soon as he or she types it in the search engine. It is very hard to let people know about your website without a good SEO, especially because the competition is so strong. However, with patience and continuous work, first results appear and the page rank goes higher.

Getting to high page rank is not simple, but it is absolutely crucial for the success of a company, so many people start using black hat methods, even though it is strongly recommended by all major search engines to stay away from these kinds of methods. Black hat methods include paying for links and creating link schemes, which gets penalized by search engines. Few months ago, Google started sending various site owners notifications about “unnatural links,” informing owners about it when it looks like they were part of a link scheme. Getting links in a natural way is the way to go, because you would want people to find your website on their own. Read more »

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What To Do To Rank High Locally?

SEO techniques are useful and absolutely necessary for promoting a business, especially when you want to get the advantage over your competition. Local SEO is targeted towards gaining attention in your local community and the efforts are directed towards increasing your website traffic, lead and sales in your home town firsts, so you can proceed to the wider market.

You will have more business opportunities if your website appears in the local search. Your business will rank higher at Google and other search engines in local search, so you can benefit because of optimal advertising costs from being in a lead position and have advertising with a long-lasting effect. If you operate a local business SEO best practice is to target localized keywords for the city that you are located in. Avoid using broad terms, such as lawyer and put your specialty beside it, as well as USA instead of just San Diego. Read more »

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Are You Exposing Yourself To The Risk Of Penalty With Guest Blogging?

In order to increase the popularity of their websites, business owners try different kinds of methods. Guest blogging holds a valuable position. By resorting to guest posting, businesses and individuals alike receive plenty of opportunities, including the option to get in touch with a wider audience and to increase their brand awareness.

Your website’s revenue can increase with guest blogging, which is the most important advantage of it. It increases the number of your links and attracts the attention of the visitors at the same time. The increased revenue that you obtain as a result of guest blogging can be easily invested into enhancing your website, products or services, making them more appealing for the customers.

Valuable SEO aspect is certainly commenting, since it increases customer conversion ratio as people are more likely to buy from websites where there are real testimonials. Spammers will negatively influence your SEO ranking, but the organic comments that you receive from guest posting will increase it. Read more »

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Keep Your Anchor Text Linking Natural – The Way To Do It

Techniques used with the goal to increase web page rank are part of SEO. There are few SEO methods that will help you achieve high website rank, but sometimes with excessive use of some techniques you may earn a penalty. The Google Penguin Update has been around for quite some time and made most SEO experts be very careful about the way they implement SEO techniques. Some things have changed and some link building techniques are no longer acceptable. SEO practice that has always been recommended is using keywords in anchor text throughout published content. Read more »

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Tips For Link Building on Blogs

Link building has a very important role in increasing visibility and page rank, and there are certainly many ways to do it. If your goal is high page rank, then learning about all the ways to do it is the best path. You should understand the factors of link building and the way that search engines work. Links are used by search engines in many different ways and through analysis of patent applications, years of experience and hands-on testing, some assumptions can be made. Follow or no follow links they are great way to boost traffic to your website.

The number of links that you create through link building on the web will enable search engines to give your site higher rankings, so link building service is one of the components of search engine optimization service that one can use for popularizing their business on the web. Consult with the professionals who will provide link building service to you and find out which strategy will best suit your business if you don’t have the experience with it. Read more »