Professional social network that gains more and more members each day is LinkedIn. It has enormous potential and it is not to be underestimated considering that it has over 150 million members worldwide. There are several ways that a member can build a personal brand and business reputation, but also increase the traffic to a personal or business website. There are always ways to maximize its use and promote products, services, groups. Here are some basic guidelines.

How To Use LinkedIn For Professional Purposes?

The first step is certainly creating professional LinkedIn profile. You should know that your LinkedIn profile will rank before your other social network profiles, meaning that if someone wants to find you for some business or job opportunity, this will be their source of information. Pay attention to details, since all things count. This primarily means that you should use a good profile picture that will present you in a good light. You should look professional, since it is a sort of ID that people will see first and it is a chance for a great first impression.

Since it is a business social network, you should use your real name only. Your headline is one of the best fields for keyword optimization in LinkedIn’s internal search, so depending on the type of work that you do, you should use a keyword that is used for your profession. This is important for a search, so potential employers can find you easily.

LinkedIn profile is a form of a CV that will say more about your education, skills and experience. Make sure you specify your current and past experience, because job titles are key in these areas as they also contribute to the keyword optimization of your profile, but also potentially qualify you for a job. List your highest level of education you have completed along with activities and societies you have participated in at your school or university. You can add your skills, software and programming languages to Your Specialties section.

Information That Should Be Included As Well

You can add links of your personal and professional websites, so you can present your work completely. In order to give more information about yourself, you can write little bit about your personal interest and if you belong to a prestigious organization at your university or within your industry, you should add this section to your profile and describe your participation level. Add Contact Preferences to let other LinkedIn members know what connections you want to make including career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise request, business deals, reference requests, and requests to reconnect.

Focus on Goals – Increase Your Visibility in Search and Gain Competitive Advantage

Honest and free-flowing conversation

In case you attended a course that is relevant for a job search or for presenting your versatility, make sure you let people know what you have learned. Also, if being able to speak or write in other languages is important in your business, list them along with your proficiency level by adding this section to your profile. There are also sections like:

  • Certifications
  • Publications
  • Volunteer Experience & Causes

that you should fill in in order to offer all relevant information about your work and education. LinkedIn truly covers it all!

What About Connections And Recommendations?

Considering that LinkedIn has a rule not to “Invite people you do not know to join your network” there are certain limitations, but that still leaves you with plenty of options. You should Import Email Connections, including the ones from Outlook, find your colleagues that are using LinkedIn and that you want to connect with, as well as people who attended the same schools and universities that you did. Connect also with your friends and people that you know from other situations and places.

In order to connect with more people, you can participate in LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers or use the People Search to find people at specific companies, living in particular countries, and working in related industries. You should keep in mind that if you invite people to your network and they mark your invitation as someone they do not know, you will be temporarily banned from inviting new people to your network unless you know their email address.

When it comes to recommendations, you can ask for ask for recommendations from your previous employers or via LinkedIn, via Email or by giving your recommendations to others, since they may reciprocate by adding a recommendation of you. However, you should only recommend people who you truly believe in – not just the ones you hope that will reciprocate.


Like Facebook, LinkedIn has its own advertising system, but the major difference is that in case of LinkedIn, your advertisements will be only in front of your professional audience. Make sure you make the most of it, since it can help you a lot with attracting attention to your brand and company. Connect with other professionals, exchange opinions and increase your chances for cooperation and profit.

If you want to maximize the use of LinkedIn, call Organiksoft customer support number (858) 800-2526 or send us an email so we can arrange a meeting. We will make sure all the important information are included and help you connect with the right people.