In order to increase the popularity of their websites, business owners try different kinds of methods. Guest blogging holds a valuable position. By resorting to guest posting, businesses and individuals alike receive plenty of opportunities, including the option to get in touch with a wider audience and to increase their brand awareness.

Your website’s revenue can increase with guest blogging, which is the most important advantage of it. It increases the number of your links and attracts the attention of the visitors at the same time. The increased revenue that you obtain as a result of guest blogging can be easily invested into enhancing your website, products or services, making them more appealing for the customers.

Valuable SEO aspect is certainly commenting, since it increases customer conversion ratio as people are more likely to buy from websites where there are real testimonials. Spammers will negatively influence your SEO ranking, but the organic comments that you receive from guest posting will increase it. Do everything you can to increase the number of returning visitors, because they are even more important than new visitors, because the value of your website is confirmed by the number of returning visitors. They can be detected via Google Analytics, and the more of them you have, the higher your trust among people is. Guest blogging has the advantage of increasing your website’s page rank and providing quality links from others, acting like a link bridge between you and the customers.

The SEO of your website is highly dependent on the number of backlinks which are directed towards it, so it should be developed as much as possible. Guest blogging allows you to increase your business’s visibility on the internet, but also to improve your knowledge which will be very useful in the highly competitive environment. It also enables you to build domain authenticity but also search engine authority at the same time. The number of posts on your site and on different blogs will directly influence your page rank.

Guest blogging attracts lots of organic traffic if done right. Users are always in need of genuine and authentic websites which feature a high page rank, but since there are people who started paying for guest blogging, it becomes obvious that you should be careful which links you follow. If you are intentionally guest blogging for the purpose of that post having a dofollow link to your site, you are under a major risk of getting manual penalty!

If there is a guest blog post with a dofollow link and people working at Google feel the guest blog post is only done with the intent of a link, you may expect a penalty for your site. Google is not to blame, but the users and website owners who heavily abuse guest blogging because of all the advantages that it offers. Guest blogging and writing started for a good purpose, but it has been abused like many other real marketing tactics. This is why Google needs to take action when they believe the intent is to manipulate their search results.

author:Azra Jovicic