It is not easy to comprehend all the things that may influence your local search, but we will try to explain the ones that have the greatest influence. There are certainly lots of ways to promote your local business on the web and make the most of it.

In order to be ranked high, you need to choose the right category associations. After you enter your initial details, you need to select a primary category for your business, which is the most important category. Depending on the type of your business, you need to choose the one that best depicts your profession. However, you need to be specific, since using general terms won’t help you much. The best thing is to name your town, besides the profession. Do a keyword research and use the combination that will attract the most attention, but include accurate information.

In order for your name to appear in the search, you need to include your address as well, since it is more likely that someone who looks for a San Diego SEO consultant will see your name in the search results. Someone who searches from a computer based in San Diego and types SEO consultant will most likely get your name among others as a result.  Local business owners should set the goal of earning local pack rankings for searches related to their city of location, and organic rankings for any other geographic terms they feel are important.

Be Consistent With The Information You Provide

It is very important to use accurate information and don’t change them, since each change can lead to different consequences, confusion for the most part. Be careful not to write the business name, street address, phone number and website URL differently.  However, problems may be even bigger than simple confusion – you may lose the trust of Google, which will reflect on your page rank. In order to avoid this, you need to spend some time editing this information. Make sure you check what kind of information your customers get when they type in your name, so you find out what needs to be changed.

Since you need to list your business, make sure you list it on high quality websites – authoritative local business indexes and directories. Perform searches for category terms, service terms and geographic terms in order to see what comes up in search engine results. The quality of structured citations is the most important, but the quantity also counts. In order to gain advantage over your competition, you need to build more citations. If you need ideas, type your business category terms into Google’s main search engine to see what kind of results you will get.

What “Domain Authority” Presents?

Local and organic rank are both very important, so domain authority is a metric used to predict the success of a website in search results. Local businesses need the strongest possible website which means having a user-friendly, optimized site with excellent content that earns links and social mentions over time. Every business owner must be aware of the fact that domain authority needs to be built over time, it cannot happen overnight. It is important to remember that the higher it is, the chances of ranking high for the important terms will be higher.

You will also need to pay attention to the quality of inbound links to domain. Business owners will improve visibility in the search engine results by earning high quality links from authoritative sources. Use tools that can help you to understand the number and quality of links that currently point to your website, since links may come from many different places. Just a while ago, the accent was on link building, which refers to the process of actively seeking web pages on which links can be placed. However, the focus has now shifted to link earning, which is the process of generating links without having to build or request them due to some outstanding aspect of the website. Local businesses can built links and earn links via forms of marketing such as social sharing and content development.

Focus on Goals – Increase Your Visibility in Search and Gain Competitive Advantage

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Google+ Local page

This page should link to a page on your website, so it should have a “title tag” which is usually located in the head section of the code. You shouldn’t disregard this, because this information sends a strong signal to search engine and users concerning the topic of the page. The title tag of the page contains both the city and state name. In most cases, the landing page will be the homepage of the website. These information let the users and the search engines know the specific geographic locale of your business.

City center identified by Google in its Maps product is known as centroid in Local Search. However, it has been indicated that centroid can change position relative to different industries, which means that centers have little or even nothing to do with the designated center of a city. The disadvantage is that businesses located outside of the centroid may not be in such a great position when compared to the ones that are located within, but this is something that you can’t have too much control of.

Additionally, it is recommendable to use your code phone number as your primary phone number on Google+ Local page. Some business owners publish a toll free number, but instead it should be the area code of the phone number that matches the area code/codes traditionally associated with your city of location. Toll free number may be listed as the secondary number.

Place Your Main Keywords in Business Tittle

The business tittle is very important and it may give a certain advantage to a company that uses it in oppose to the ones that don’t use it. However, you can’t just add keywords to your business tittle so you can simply have them included, but rather take legal steps to change your business name so it actually contains the keywords you want.

If you are in business for a long time, changing your name may not be wise, since customers don’t like too many changes, so it is always better to think about it during the planning process before you actually establish your company. Include the product or service tern in the naming of your company.

There are certainly lots of things to include in order to improve your local search, but Organiksoft team is ready to help you. We have a vast experience, since we have helped many clients to improve their local search visibility so far. If you wish to find out more information about the services we can provide for you, call us (858) 800-2526 or send us an email