The term backlink refers to links that a given website has placed in various locations throughout the internet. There is an estimate of experts that 80% of the weight that search engines consider when they award page ranks to websites depends on backlinks, so they are essential if you want to be more visible in the results pages of search engines. Strategically placed backlinks help consumer locate the information or products they need, so play important role in the online commercial world, because without an established online presence is like the company doesn’t exist. The modern consumer is incredibly dependent on the world-wide-web. Increasing online exposure can be profitable to businesses offering goods and services of all kinds.

SEO consultants and experts view backlinks mostly through numbers and there are different types of backlinks you don’t want to get. One of these links is pingback on blogs, since they are almost all useless and they can also damage your site’s ranking, so before you set up your account and start blogging, make sure that you are making all pingbacks “nofollow”. Translated into common language this means that you are not giving a free link to every person who links to you. If you don’t this kind of protection, you will have lots of unwanted links that may jeopardize your reputation.

Search engines consider backlinks important, because Google houses a closely calculated algorithm that is used to estimate the value of a website. This value is judged by its quality and relevance and the concept is pretty simple. When calculating the relevance and essential value of a website as compared to a given search query, Google takes a close look at a number of contributing factors such as new friend backlinks. Google analyzes the quantity and the quality of backlinks. Backlinks hosted on high PR websites, like YouTube or highly populated article directories, are very high in the quality department, because Google recognizes these websites as authority websites, so these backlinks are worth more than average ones.

The more backlinks a website has, the more traffic it receives and it is increasingly relevant. When promoting a young website or blog, it is important that you don’t exaggerate with the number of backlinks, because it won’t do you good. It will only raise a red flag and you probably won’t achieve success with Google. Your backlinks should appear natural and not automated, which will result in organic website traffic.

Also, submit comments with your website URL as signature on high traffic blogs, since it is a very efficient and it will help you get backlinks. Same story goes with forum post, but keep in mind your post should be informative and relevant to topic and discussion, so stay away from spam comments.