Link building used to be the main technique that most internet marketers used to promote websites. They used to leave links on different websites in order to get the bigger attention and achieve higher rankings, sometimes even on websites that are not directly related to the offers. This type of SEO was noticed by search engines which resulted with Google Penguin Update. This update has changed the link building methodology, but the link itself has definitely kept its importance! So to say that link building lost its role is certainly not true.

Quantity lost its battle against quality, so the focus in on relevancy and value now. If you want to publish your content on the web, you need to publish it somewhere where the audience will see it. This way, inbound links can also work to generate traffic from the exact audience you want on your site. Logical, right?  It is a well-known fact that the best links are the ones that occur naturally. This can be achieved within social media or on third party websites, so in a way link building can be also called “link achieving”. However, getting natural links can be easier said than done, but it is not impossible. The crucial element is content.

The content must be fun and accurate, because people can recognize quality. If visitors find your content interesting, they will be more than happy to share them with their friends, which will result with lots of links. This content differs from the static product or service pages of your site, since a link to those pages comes off as a promotion or an advertisement. Bear in mind that people are much more likely to share content that helps them out in some way. This is where business blogging comes into play. Active blogs achieve more links and organic traffic. Give your audience regular blog posts and you will keep their attention. Blog posts can contain keywords, so they appear in the search results. Since social networks have a significant value, you can share your content there, since lots of users visit these sites every day. This means that you will improve social signals of your website.

This change is good, but it is certainly more demanding. This is the reason why website owners feel frustrated. In order to achieve success, you need to dedicate your time and effort to find the right websites related to the content of the website you are promoting. It is no longer good enough to find few free directories and place a lot of links. If you want to build links successfully, you need to be thinking like a marketer and determine where your target audience members are spending time online and create great informational content that will achieve natural links. It is more challenging, but it will gain the attention of the wanted audience, so be patient and progress step by step.

author:Azra Jovicic