Traffic is crucial element that determines if the website is going to have a high page rank. Since it is so important, some website owners start checking it every day to see if the number of visitors is higher or lower when compared to the previous day, but even though the number of visitors is important, it is even more important to have the right traffic from the visitors that are truly interested in your products.

Three or four thousand visitors may be a success, but only if the lead becomes a sale, which means that the goal of SEO efforts shouldn’t be just the increase of traffic, but to increase the right kind of traffic. This traffic can be avoided or stopped if you don’t want it. It is important to limit broad keyword targeting. Keywords are necessary for every SEO campaign, since the keywords you select will be used throughout the Meta optimization and on page content of your website in addition to content that is created elsewhere on the web for link building purposes. It will help you to think like a searcher and you will get a better idea about the keywords you should use. If you choose broad keywords, it may happen that lots of people will visit your website, but they will leave as soon as they see that it does not offer the specific information they want to know. It’s important to select the keywords that are most relevant to the page content.

The content you create needs to be focused as possible, because content marketing is a major component of the SEO. In order to attract and keep the attention of visitors, the content should be written with the target audience in mind. If you want the right kind of traffic, you will need to create content that is specific to target audience needs. Like the keywords that are chosen, if the content topics are too broad or unrelated, it can result in website visitors that will never convert.

Even though link building is very important part of SEO, it serves its purpose only when they are published on the right websites. Inbound links pointing to your website improve your search engine “trust factor”, because each link can be considered a vote for your site.  Keep in mind that not every link serves this purpose, it can achieve a completely opposite effect. Just a while ago the accent was on the quantity rather than quality, which was noticed by search engines, so the focus shifted completely. The accent is now on quality rather than quantity. The links are only published on relevant websites where the target audience can see it. If you are not sure that the right audience will see it, then the link is probably not worth it. Leaving links randomly just means that the wrong people will be clicking on them and that will not help you to improve your page rank.

author:Azra Jovicic