Term Internet Marketing also known as web marketing, online marketing or e-marketing is used for marketing i.e. promotion of commerce or business through internet medium. It is the way in which products or services are promoted and sold over the Internet. It is used to deliver all types of information and media to local and global market. The cost of it is relatively low, that’s why is so appealing for any business model, regardless of size. Internet has opened enormous new market, which was not available in the past. Latest earnings of credit card companies report 15 billion dollar turnover from internet sales in the last year and still increasing. That’s why is not so strange that more and more people earn their salaries directly from the internet, becoming professional internet marketers.

The interactive nature of the Internet has put new demand in front of the people who deal with internet marketing. They are including specialists who can deal with the instant response and eliciting responses now present through this medium. Internet Marketing brings together technical and creative aspects of the internet, which include promotion, sales, branding and design and it’s populated by hard working professionals promoting and selling high quality brand products.
The number of internet users increases every day, making one big marketplace. The way we live today makes free time more precious. That’s why is so convenient to buy online. There is a wide range of products and easy way of paying for them.

Links are very important for internet marketing. Those are paths from other sites that lead towards your site. If your site gets links from other sites, which have certain quality, search engines will register your site as an important one for a certain domain. Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to a website. This can be done by reciprocal links, being listed in e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, etc. Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. There are many positive effects of link building. It will help in getting quality traffic from other important sites, which will result with increased sales. That will lead to an increased value of the site, so it will be more visible to others and it will bring more credibility to it.

Popularity of social media has led to its other use – gaining attention for some other purposes, not just simple socializing. Programs for Social Media Marketing center their efforts to creating content that will attract attention of readers and inspire them to share it with their friends and family. That way the message will spread by word-of-mouth.

Social websites like Facebook and Twitter have become part of everyday lives for most of the people, so they also became a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. It allows individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. When companies join those sites, people can interact with them and it feels personal to users because of their previous experiences with social networking sites. The fact that is relatively inexpensive made things easier for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.