Techniques used with the goal to increase web page rank are part of SEO. There are few SEO methods that will help you achieve high website rank, but sometimes with excessive use of some techniques you may earn a penalty. The Google Penguin Update has been around for quite some time and made most SEO experts be very careful about the way they implement SEO techniques. Some things have changed and some link building techniques are no longer acceptable. SEO practice that has always been recommended is using keywords in anchor text throughout published content.

People used to link to words like “click here” that didn’t have a meaning, but later on that changed, so it actually told the search engine spider what that page was about. Like with many other techniques, this one started being over-used, so it got considered for penalty for “over optimization”. However, you should understand that anchor text linking shouldn’t be eliminated from your SEO strategy entirely. As long as you keep the anchor text natural, it should be present. Natural means that you wouldn’t have to invest any effort in it, so the visitors would find the website themselves, but this is not very likely to happen. Luckily, there are ways to influence it, but within the Google’s limits and rules.

As most people know, the first step once you begin working on SEO should be a keyword research, so you can find the right keywords and use them in the right places. Find similar keywords as well. Make a list of keywords and choose few to base your webpage on. When the keyword research is done and you have selected which keywords are going to be targeted and used on the site, break it down even further into different lists. Make a master list that has a list of all of the keywords that came up in the research that were relevant for every page of the site. The next list should be of the keywords that you actually chose to target on the page. The third list should be of any extras that were not chosen to be used on the website but that are still relevant, which could be long tail keywords.

Once you finish the lists, distribute them to all the people who are part of SEO team. Give them a separate list of anchor text keywords with the pages that coincide with those keywords to be used naturally within any content that is created. Spreading it out like this ensures that a variety of keywords are being used for different tasks. Using an SEO reporting tool, analyze the ratio of anchor text keywords that are being used on a regular basis to make sure that none of them are being over-used. If some of the words are used too often, you should check back your list to see which other keywords could be used in their place.

author:Azra Jovicic