Link building is one of the most essential parts of internet marketing and search engine optimization. By gaining links to your site you will see your rankings increase, which will naturally bring you more traffic. There are many different ways of gaining links but the most effective ones are one-way links from web sites or directories that have relevant content.

Automatic link building process is one of the most down played traffic formulas on the internet today. It takes away all the obstacles and time-wasting issues of link building with relative guaranteed results in the long run. What these software packages do is automate the link building process.

The downside of the automatic submission tools is that they fill up the form on their own, sometimes putting the wrong date and some pages might be incomplete, so when you think that submission is done, it is actually incomplete. The reputed and respected directories have a custom application script, which means you fill in the forms manually, thus taking the error factor down to zero. For small- and medium-sized businesses, manual link building plays an important role in getting good search engine ranking and being visible on the Internet.

Manual link building is done to gain incoming links by going to the search engines, by requesting various sites to link to your website. The process requires a lot of patience and tedious hours of work to build the manual links. This is why so many website owners prefer to hire services that will take care of this work, since it cannot be mastered overnight and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

It is more beneficial to such businesses that actually don’t do business on the Internet, yet they need to be seen and found there. For small businesses, it is not effective to keep posting articles and publishing opinions on social networking sites to get noticed and to get their content linked. This takes a long time and does not ensure good results. Without links to relevant sites, their chances of a good ranking on the search engines diminish. Here manual link building is what proves to be beneficial.

There is actually not much difference between the price of automated and manual optimization, but the dissimilarity between these methods will obviously show through their respective performance and results. Automated SEO and link building are promising because of its high tech approach in bring traffic to your site, but SEO and link building experts see these as just waste of time and money.

Automated link building is like firing thousands of arrows without solid direction. Most of the places where automated link builder spread your links are not directly related with your services or goods. On the other hand, SEO and link building done manually had been proven to be the most stable method to increase your sales. Manual optimization does not only drive traffic to your site, but it also ensures that your link will be placed where your target markets are. Since manual optimization is being done by professionals, you can be certain that your website will appear on appropriate directories.