One of the hottest things in Internet marketing right now is building backlinks from your social media pages. While traditional backlinking methods haven’t gone the way of the wooly mammoth, marketers seem to be spending more time and effort on social backlinking. So, what’s the fuss all about? And how do you jump in and play, too? Here’s 5 tips to get you started:

Be my friend, please – You can, and should, use your own accounts to tout your own horn. The drawback to this is that you should do so sparingly. Most of the search engines have that annoying filter requiring links to come from a multitude of sources, or at least from outside sources. In short, they know when you are just tooting your own horn, and when others are doing it for you. Your own accounts are a good place to start, but don’t limit all your backlinking to them.

I’ll pay you to be my friend – Yes, there are services out there that you can use to buy backlinks. They will “friend” you, Tweet about you and +1 you for all your money’s worth (literally.) The drawback here is that those backlinks are typically “marked” or designated in some way so that the search engines can spot them. In other words, you won’t be fooling anyone for long.

Push the button to be my friend – All the social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, Plus, LinkedIn, all of them – have their buttons and badges and links. Now, while these may not CREATE backlinks, they are a great way to build your lists and circles of friends and followers.

Get it while it’s hot, friends! – Reach out through social media to your regular PR contacts. While using PR for the purpose of backlinking isn’t new, you can use it in a new way. Ask your biz contacts to spread the word for you. While they may not be willing to write a guest post for you blog, or write a blog post about you, they usually have no trouble firing off a tweet or hitting “Share” on your behalf.

Spread the word, friends – Your own customer campaigns on social media are worth their weight in backlinks. Why? Because even you only have a small gaggle of groupies, their reach is typically 10 times their number. Get them to buzzing about you and watch the backlinks flow in, as well as new business. Offer them the opportunity to spread the word and they will. And that kind of marketing money can’t buy.