Simply put, backlinks are known as incoming links a Website or page, so they measure the Website or page rank and also affect SEO considerations and calculations. It is a good way for a website owner to keep track of the number of pages that link back to them. Backlinks are so important because major search engines function like this and take into account the number of backlinks into their search results ranking algorithm meaning that the more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in the related keyword search. This will eventually lead to lots of traffic since almost all Internet Users will search for the information they want via the various search engines.

The most powerful way to obtain backlinks is by creating something that will catch the attention of the audience and it’s something that they need, such as e-books. Adding them in your website URL and giving it free to your target audiences will for sure gain attention, because internet users are very happy when they saw freebies. People, in general, find it very hard to resist gifts especially when the product is related to what they like and want to find. If your E-Books provide information they want to know, chances that they will recommend it to their friends are high. With the increase of the exposure of the e-books, your website URL gets more exposure as well. Internet users might just add in your website URL to their blogs to give it as a freebie to their subscribers as well which will in turn create some quality backlinks for you.

Another way that also gives results is submitting comments with your website URL as signature on high traffic blogs. This is very efficient and it will help you get backlinks. In case you are wondering why you need to submit comments on high traffic blogs, the answer is because they are often indexed more often by Google when compared to lower traffic blogs. Therefore, your backlinks will be indexed as well when you leave comments on high traffic blogs.

The third way, that is also very efficient and effective, is using Article Marketing techniques. There are many article directories on the Web and if you leave your website URL at the end of the article, you could easily create lots of backlinks. It can also happen that Internet users who like your article post your website URL on their blog which create additional backlinks for you. Since social networks are so popular, you can post on the various social network like Digg, StumbleUpon and get more backlinks which will eventually get you closer to your goal. However, you should be aware of the fact that this won’t occur over night. It is a long term process, so it will take time before you start noticing improvements and lots of hard work. Don’t be afraid to try out many different methods to see what gives the best results and work on them.