SEO link building holds a significant place in Google algorithm and we are sure that this will be the case for some time. Without relevant inbound (or external) links on sites with online authority your website will not be even near Google first page search result. Since we all strive to reach the highest page rank, it is something that should be taken into consideration.

Ever since Hummingbird, there are some changes happening and it is likely that more will still appear. It is too soon to tell the exact recipe that should be followed. Before these algorithm updates, links had a great value and we believe that their worth won’t decrease any time soon. The role of link building is building relationships and there will always be mentions and links. However, it is not easy to obtain these links.

Important Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind

Keep in mind that even if the role of links changes, you should know that influencers are still worth your attention. This means that you should connect to few influencers and reach a larger audience. Always strive to build long-term relationships with link partners and look for partnership opportunities beyond the link. In order to keep people talking about your blog, you should make things interesting and update your blog every week. Choose projects that will initiate discussions, since it will help you with building links and getting more attention. You will retain the attention of your audience by asking questions and other people’s opinions. Discussion is one valuable form of attracting attention.

If you wish to build links successfully, you should know that networking is absolutely necessary, since it will help you to build more links. You will need to learn how to ask to get a link in a way that will help you get it. Also, polish your communication skills, because you will be communicating frequently with other website owners, so it is necessary to have a quality communication. All of this will help you to master the trends that will soon replace traditional link building.

The Importance of +1s

There are some internet marketers that believe that +1s impact rankings and that Google doesn’t want to admit its importance in order to avoid the possible manipulations. On the other hand, there are the ones that believe that Google +1s truly doesn’t have any impact and that the data we have seen so far is correlation, not causation. Anyhow, no one truly knows what could replace links and there may not be a way to replace them. One thing is for sure, Google will continue with efforts to improve the experience of users.

Few Advices For Internet Marketers

Considering that there are changes happening frequently and new algorithm update can happen any day, it is necessary to work on many different ways to get the links you need. Don’t focus your whole attention on one thing. This is the only way to avoid the damage that can occur in case some things start changing. Always be prepared, because there are lots of factors that influence the rank. Google is a major influencer and has a great amount of data available, which is impossible to imagine for most people, so it does not come as a surprise that it will dictate trends in the future and the changes may be slight in order to enable smooth transition.

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