Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, wrote a blog post on the Bing Search blog named Penguins & Pandas Poetry.

The post is about Google’s latest Penguin update and how SEOs and webmasters need to be better prepared for such updates.

The basic advice is simple, SEOs and webmasters need to do one thing – diversify.

Duane is not just saying, focus on Bing and make sure your site does well there too. Yes, if you lose all your Google traffic, ranking well in Bing is nice but since Bing only has about 30% marketshare, you are still missing out on a lot of traffic.

He explains, “Algorithms change. Rankings change. Competition happens.” It does – so look at social media, look at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest as traffic sources. Look towards email marketing and other forms of offline marketing.

Of course Duane recommends you build the best site in your niche, make yourself an authority and your site should be “future proof.” But in terms of what is important for Google and Bing in the future, Duane says “search is influenced by social today.” What is next? Also, what is the next SEO spam tactic and are you doing it?

So when Bing talks about Google’s latest update, they are not just saying leave Google for Bing – they are saying – be a smarter marketer and think about the future, making the best resource and most importantly – diversify.