We all know how important Google Optimization is these days. Well optimized website is a MUST in every aspect of online business. Whether you like it or not, SEO is quickly becoming equally important as web design and development.

First step in proper on-site optimization and one of the first steps in search engine optimization is optimization of Meta Tags. What are Meta Tags? They are html tags that introduce your site to Google. They consist of Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. Let us concentrate on title and description, as keywords haven’t been used by Google or other search engines for the past three years.

The first and most important question – why WordPress? The answer is simple – because it is the most used platform for web development these days, and it’s very simple to use. All it requires is just basic knowledge of web development. In order to avoid mess-up with HTML coding on your WordPress website, you will need to install one of the many WordPress plugins for manipulating Meta tags. I prefer to use plugin called ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. It is very easy to install it on site, take a look at the images below.

First log in to your website using for example www.example.com/wp-admin, enter your login username and password.

wordpress loginWhen Dashboard opens go to Plugins on your left hand side, and click on Add New Plugin. In the little box type in All In One SEO and click Search Plugins. See images below.



When you find the desired plugin, click on Install Now. After that click Activate Plugin, like on print screens below. And that is it, you have successfully installed All In One SEO plugin. Simple, isn’t it?



After installing plugin you will need to configure it properly. Go to Plugins and click on Installed Plugins. Now click on Options configuration panel in the section related to All In One SEO Plugin like on the picture below.


Now you can write, change or do whatever you like with your Meta tags. Take a look at the images below and write your Page titles and descriptions in white boxes. When you’re done, don’t forget to click on Update Options (for optimizing tags for Home Page), or Update Page or Post (if optimizing inner pages or posts on your blog).



Just keep in mind that Meta title should be 60 characters long including spaces, and description 160 characters long. What else should you know about Mata Tags optimization? Always try to write unique, descriptive titles both on Home page and your inner pages or blog posts. Use your main keywords in the title, as well as the Company name. At the end of the day, Meta title is the first thing Google, Bing!, Yahoo and other search engines notice on your website. Feel free to use generic terms because Meta Title is something you write for search engine crawlers.

When it comes to description, it should be compelling or persuade someone looking for products/services you offer, to take action. So, don’t forget to use some kind of call to action quote, like your email or email of your company. Experiment with Meta tags until you find the best suitable in terms of ranking.

With plugin you have installed on site you will be able to manage a lot more such as: canonical URL’s, enable/disable Meta keywords, change title formats, change Google Analytics and Webmaster tools settings, use NoIndex setting and more. We’ll write about other options in the next article.

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