Google is changing algorithms all the time and with the Panda and Penguin updates the consequences that websites feel occur even more often.Β  Those consequences are penalties, because of the new standards set by Google. Most of these penalties are not extreme, so it can even happen that the website owner does not even notice it, but for the rest it can be really serious and cause some major damages to the success of the website in general.

It if happens, you should do few things. You should revise your SEO tactics and the way you have been conducting it. Even if you put an effort to work all the time by the rules of white hat strategy, ask yourself if you took an easy road from time to time, going astray a little bit. These easier roads are known by the name gray hat SEO tactics. They can be risky and it is better to avoid them, even though they are not as dangerous as black hat strategies. So, if you realize that you have entered the grey area, it should be the first place to look for the mistakes that should be corrected. Β If it happens that you can’t figure out the reason why you got penalized, the solution often lies in the experience and understanding of the search engine algorithms. Even though it can be harder and take some time, the only solution is to try out different strategies and see what gives the results.

If you think that your content isn’t of the great quality as it should be, maybe you should try out to post some articles that offer more information, placing more keywords, formulating the facts in a way that will be clear for the reader and easy to understand and close to his/hers experience. After all this is done, you should wait for a while to see if the visits to your website increased, the comments people post, the overall reaction. If there are still no improvements, try to find other possible reasons for the penalty.

The best way to fix situation like this is to check one thing at a time, one by one in order to specify the mistake you have been making and to avoid doing that in the future. It might take several months to analyze possible things, but it is the only way, otherwise you can easily get lost and not figure out what the mistake was and what to do to fix it. Fixing this kind of a problem may take time, since it is so hard to identify the problem because of the complexity of the factors that may have some influence, so you have to be very patient. There is also the possibility to outsource this kind of work, but it might not be easy to find the company that would take on the responsibility for the damage that existed before they did anything.