Social Media Optimization consists of several processes oriented towards promotion. It can be promotion of a product, brand or a social event. The goal is to reach as many people as possible and make them talk about the content you want to promote, so it results in a having a community of loyal users.

In order to succeed with the goal you have set, you need to understand the people you are talking to through your campaigns. Having more goals is never good, since you can’t fully focus on either of them. Your business will bear fruits only if you focus on attracting people who will stay with you.

Also, you need to think about the competition. Consider their campaign type, the content they put on the blogs and frequency they do it, so you can either focus on different kind of audience and content or to post content more frequently. Certainly, you must plan ahead.

Choosing the right Social Media site is of high importance. That will mainly depend on the products you sell. If you’re selling laptops or mobile phones and your research shows that your target audience visits mainly facebook pages to discuss about the products they’ve tested, you should focus on making one where users can see attractive content, interesting design and lots of new information that they will like.

A blog is becoming more and more popular and attractive site for people to exchange opinions, offer advices, but also use it for marketing purposes. However, you have to be aware of the fact that you should update your blog posts regularly. You may make a pause for a few days because of the holidays, but more than that would result in the decrease of your audience’s attention. The content has to be of high quality and diverse, so the readers have fun time reading it, but also on the subject. Wandering from subject to subject may confuse the readers.

Getting feedback is also something you should think about. Most of your followers would be more than happy to establish a solid relationship with you, because after all that’s the reason they are here. Hearing their opinion can be very beneficial because if you are doing something that doesn’t satisfy their taste, you should consider getting deeper into the subject.

Giving gifts is also a positive thing, because doesn’t matter how old we are, we all like surprises. It is even more important to show appreciation for their support. If you organize a competition it can be even more fun and interesting.

Make sure that you promote your Social Media pages, because after all that is the whole purpose of internet marketing. You should also submit videos and audio files to social networks because most people will notice your marketing efforts through it. Just remember that you audience will recognize if you genuinely believe in your product or not, so base your marketing strategy towards it.