There are many additional requirements for business owners nowadays, such as having a good website that will have all the information in one place for the customers to see. Even though this is so important, there are still businesses out there that don’t have a website. Some business owners create a website, but it is often not well optimized so there is the obvious need for change. Anyone who is just starting a business and wants to create a website needs to know that SEO techniques should be implemented from the beginning.

It is not necessary to work with a full service SEO firm in the early stages, but you should have SEO consulting and SEO training. Implementing SEO into the site architecture right from the start means that you are starting out on the right path instead of putting SEO off to worry about at a later date down the road. Incorporating SEO into the initial website development process is beneficial since content automatically has ranking potential.

In most cases, a business website is launched without regard to SEO and then an SEO firm is bought into the game later on to look for onsite optimization opportunities. You should understand though that the time that a site sits un-optimized is a wasted opportunity. If your site is launched with SEO in mind right from the start, it means that the search engine spiders are seeing the content on the page and within the meta information that will help it to rank. Your website will gain popularity and advantage over your competition and you will get lots of business opportunities. As long as you also get Google Analytics up and running on the site from day one, you will be able to see important data regarding which keywords are driving traffic from early on in the process.

Links that reside on the actual website and inbound links that are pointing to your site are both extremely important. A strong internal linking structure not only helps your visitors navigate through your site easily in order to find what they are looking for, but it also has an SEO benefit. You should know that homepage is not the only one with the potential to rank in the search engines, but it’s likely that the homepage will get the majority of inbound links. As long as you link from one page to another page of the site, it spreads out the link trust across the site.

The URL structure will tell you a lot about the person who worked on it, because in many cases the URL is a long string of words and characters and can be very messy. Relatively short URL that includes a few keywords means that an SEO Specialist worked on it. It can be a huge hassle to re-write URLs since it involves redirecting the URLs to ensure that link trust remains intact. If you can create search engine friendly URLs from the start, it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

author:Azra Jovicic