SEO refers to a process that SEO professionals use with the purpose of obtaining traffic from the organic listings. Since all the big and important search engines have that kind of results, where web pages and other content are displayed and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Google is the most serious search engine and consequently its SEO is taken seriously, with lots of factors for the webpage rank, such as selecting the right niche, keyword research, determining the target audience, selecting a good domain name and many more after Panda and Penguin updates.

Your prime concern on the beginning of the SEO process of establishing a website and blog is choosing the right niche. Main topic for your website should be your own niche, which means that you have full knowledge about the topic you’re going to work on. The content you will be publishing should contain keywords, because it is a way that the search engines will find your website.

Target audience should be chosen carefully and the strategy directed towards them. Determining the right audience is the crucial part of every successful business. Making a plan for long term development of your business will bring results. A domain name selection should be something you should approach to with great care. Your prime keyword should be in it.  It should be directly related to your niche.

Your website should be done professionally and it’s very important, because it’s the first thing everyone will see. If it’s interesting enough people will be coming back and possibly become your loyal customers. The website should be clear and easy to navigate because we live in a time when no one wants to spend time on something that doesn’t give instant results. There should be plenty of content – it should be interesting and contain information connected to the product you are selling. The article should have 400, 500 words so it can contain enough information for the reader to keep his/her attention and also provide some new information that they didn’t know so far. The tittle should be eye-catching and interesting.

The main goal of having a quality website is to entertain the readers and keep them interested, so it should contain different kinds of content, including videos. Even better option is having optimized images. You should have a YouTube channel and try to make video tutorials about your website’s niche and include them in your articles from time to time. Your blog should be submitted to search engines, so you can facilitate noticing your website. The prime thing you should do is to submit your site’s URL to Google, BING and Yahoo Manually. Then Submit Your Site’s URL to other popular search engines such as, and Sitemap is another great way to submit your entire website to search engine for indexing. SEO is not easy thing to do. If you think that you are not ready for it, there are many knowledgeable professionals that can do an excellent job for you.