Text is the most important element of any website. It is only those who are interested in what you have to say who will return to your site.

*Use unique and easily understood language.

Keywords are another important component of writing effective web content. With a little research you can discover what some of the most popular keyword searches are that relate to your subject matter. The idea is to incorporate as many of these keywords or phrases as you can, and to do so as often as possible. A strong keyword density accelerates your site’s visit count.

* A Simple Layout

The simplest websites are the most successful. Visitors to your site do not want to see junky, distracting pages with lots of clutter. People who are seeking information want to use a website that is clean and easy to follow. So keep your site simple. Maintain a consistency in your layout. Each linked page should follow a template format and if you have many pages, have a side panel or task bar with the contents of the website clearly laid out in active links. The more easily navigable your website is, the more people will want to explore it.