SEO consists of on-page and off-page factors that should be included equally in order to achieve success. The prime goal is getting traffic through organic search, since it is the only ethical way of attracting visitors. Prime search engines have algorithms by which they rank websites. The main criterion for ranking is content – it should be new, fresh and nicely presented to the audience. The content should include keywords, but not too much of them, the balance should be achieved.

One of the main on-page factors is content. It is highly important for search engines and the users equally. Content is something that will attract visitors to come and to keep coming back to a website and the one that will provide necessary information for the search engine crawlers. It includes articles, page titles, descriptions, and clickable navigational links. There is not just text, there are also photos, videos and interactive animations, but they don’t have the importance that text has. It has to be interesting for the readers, clear, direct, with lots of useful information and grammatically correct. Behind this content should be a thorough research, so that the article is accurate and useful. The entertaining part should involve creativity. No one wants to read a boring article!

You should know that the content should be adjusted to the audience that is going to read it, since it cannot be written in the same way for the teenagers, women and men. Determining the audience is the first important step towards the website success. Making a plan for long term development of your business will bring results. Codes that determine the layout, structure and other features of a web page are ML, JavaScripts, CSS and other. They are considered to be a hidden content and are interpreted by browsers and displayed according to the type of content. The architecture of the website is related to the general website structure, which means that it should be search engine friendly, to have a good loading speed and URL’s. The structure should not hide any link or relevant keywords.

The factors of the off-page include backlinks, a solid reputation and authority. Backlinks are links on the other locations around the web that lead to your website. They can be included in the resources boxes of articles, in blog and forum posts, and as anchor texts. Well placed backlinks help consumer locate the information or products they need. This is why backlinks are valuable and play an important role in the online commercial world. In today’s technologically driven business world, a company essentially doesn’t exist without a legitimate and stable online presence.

These efforts you make will eventually lead to a good reputation. It cannot happen fast, but it is worth it, since the people that start coming and see that you are doing a good job will turn into your loyal customers over time. As far as authority, just a handful of websites can say that they have it in terms of the information and services that they offer and you should make an extraordinary effort to achieve this.