The process of getting traffic from the organic or natural listings on search engines is called SEO. All major search engines have such results, where web pages and other content are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

Google SEO is taken more seriously and there are more and more factors that are needed for proper webpage rank, like selecting the right niche, keyword research, determining the target audience, selecting a good domain name and many more after Panda and Penguin updates.

The first step to be taken in the process of establishing a website and blog is selecting a proper niche. The topic for your website should be your own niche, which means that you have full knowledge about the topic you’re going to work on. The content you will be publishing should contain keywords, because it is a way that the search engines will find your website.

A target audience you choose should be narrowed down, since your approach will not be the same for different groups of people. Catching the right audience is an essential part of any business. Making a plan for long term development of your business will bring results. A domain name selection should be something you should approach to with great care. Your prime keyword should be in it.  It should be directly related to your niche.

You website should be well designed because it is something that will attract your customers and leave a first impression. It is important to be without complicated options and clear, so it is easy for a user to navigate through it. The article should have 400, 500 words so it can contain enough information for the reader to keep his/her attention and also provide some new information that they didn’t know so far. The tittle should be eye-catching and interesting.

The readers should be entertained, so you should include images and videos in the article, but it should be connected to the subject you are writing about. Having optimized images is even better. It is a good technique to include videos into your articles. Make a YouTube channel and when you get free time, make video tutorials about your website’s niche and include them in your articles time to time.

You should submit your blog to search engines in order for your website to get noticed. First submit your site’s URL to Google, BING and Yahoo Manually. Then Submit Your Site’s URL to other popular search engines such as, and Sitemap is another great way to submit your entire website to search engine for indexing. It is very essential part of off-Page SEO.

SEO is not easy, so if you feel that you are not ready to do it, there are professionals that can do this part of work for you, so you can focus more on your core activities. These professionals are called SEO consultants and their job is to follow new SEO trends and provide the best service for you.