When companies want to achieve high page rank, they use different SEO techniques, so that anyone who is searching for the product that your website offers will get to see your site as soon as he or she types it in the search engine. It is very hard to let people know about your website without a good SEO, especially because the competition is so strong. However, with patience and continuous work, first results appear and the page rank goes higher.

Getting to high page rank is not simple, but it is absolutely crucial for the success of a company, so many people start using black hat methods, even though it is strongly recommended by all major search engines to stay away from these kinds of methods. Black hat methods include paying for links and creating link schemes, which gets penalized by search engines. Few months ago, Google started sending various site owners notifications about “unnatural links,” informing owners about it when it looks like they were part of a link scheme. Getting links in a natural way is the way to go, because you would want people to find your website on their own.

However, there are some speculations that unscrupulous competitors are able to sabotage a good website by pointing low-quality and spammy links towards it. Penguin update was designed with the goal to remove the sites with webspam.  Negative SEO tactics include review bombing that refers to creating an excessive amount of 5-star reviews, so it looks like the site paid for them or is reviewing itself, by reporting a site’s “black hat” tactics to Google, even though they aren’t using them, and hacking a website.

This is the reason why many website owners are concerned. You shouldn’t worry if your website has a strong search engine trust factor, a well-diversified and organic link portfolio, quality content, a good page load time when compared to sites that are on the fence in terms of quality. Continue to post great content on a consistent basis and build your own quality links, so your white hat SEO campaign is able to neutralize the damage done by competitors.

There is no shortcut to keeping the attacks away from your website. Keep doing what you have been doing with obtaining links naturally and staying away from white hat methods and keep a close eye on your link portfolio in order to keep the situation under control. Consider hiring a representative from a company that provides search engine marketing services to do this for you, just make sure you choose a reputable company. A professional will be able to take care of these kinds of things. You can never be too careful. A professional SEO company, like Organiksoft will gladly provide you with client references and testimonials to back up their proficiency, so you can have a clear picture of the company’s experience.

author:Azra Jovicic