Search engine algorithm released by Google in the previous year made some huge changes and the effects will be felt for a long time. Google often makes changes and we are all familiar with Panda update that was released three years ago. All the changes have been made with the goal to improve the quality of content and to push digital marketers away from relying on keyword usage. Even though the ultimate result is better user experience, the other side of the medal is not that bright. The work of internet marketers changed and it has been frustrating because of the changed rules. Hummingbird made a big fuss and we will keep seeing results. It is not over yet.

Changes We Can Expect

There have been concerns about SEO and questions about content, mainly about content marketing. Don’t worry, it will still be present and special attention should be paid to content. The content has to be created now in accordance with the demands of the market. Content has always been important and that is the only thing that hasn’t changed, but its quality has increased. It is not easy to earn links as it used to, which will make us all work harder.

SEO and content marketing are becoming the same thing slowly but surely. Traditional SEO will never lose its importance, so you can expect that there will still be keyword research, tagging of the pages and website structure. Search engines are developing intelligent search with the goal to make a difference between valuable websites and the ones that simply give the impression of value. SEO is evolving and you should be aware of this change, since it is not simply limited to HTML, link building, and keyword tactics, the focus has shifted and now SEO experts work more on creating relevant content that will attract the attention of the audience and increase the traffic.

The search will be more natural, so that the user can get the information he wants by typing the question as he would ask a friend. It is the whole point of changes we are going through. This is why the role of keywords decreased and now keyword phrases get a greater importance. Great content built around the central keyword will only get the deserved attention. There are even some indications that digital PR will develop, which is basically a tight connection between SEO and public relations as we know them. We all need to adjust to the upcoming changes and embrace them, so we can all progress in the future.

Rank And Social Presence

The algorithm has made it more difficult to determine factors that influence ranking, so it will definitely be very challenging to determine what kind of content should be published and what should be eliminated. Establishing social presence is something that you should dedicate your time to, because having a strong social presence drives traffic and helps greatly with building brand awareness. Sharing content is now a lot easier with the popularity of all these social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Creating interesting content definitely attracts attention and it will be the main way of advertising brands and increasing awareness.

Going Mobile?

The popularity of smart phones is increasing constantly and users want to have access to their favorite websites all the time. This influences the way that websites look like and emphasizes the value of responsiveness. There is even the information that 40% or more emails are viewed on the mobile which means that is has an enormous potential and that potential should be used as much as possible. Speed is an important factor and something that you should pay attention to when developing a mobile site. Local search will continue to be very important and it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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