With the new Google algorithm, many started wondering is it necessary to change SEO strategy, since it caused panic attacks of most website owners. If you started thinking that SEO is dead, this cannot be more far from the truth. Page rank will be pursued in the same way, with few slight changes such as the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Unique and high quality content is still on the top of priority list – that will never change. The only change is the way Google’s new algorithm interprets the way we search.

Old Habits Are Broken

Just a while ago, when we wanted to find some information, we would type the question into search engine and the information that it would give us often didn’t have much to do with what we truly wanted to know. However, this is about to change, since Hummingbird brought some intelligent changes with the intention to focus more on context rather than on the words within the query.

This new algorithm got the name after a tiny bird known for its speed and accuracy. It is the greatest algorithm aiming for giving better and more accurate results, which actually answers the questions of the users. Google has the largest data base ever recorded and this whole base is available to the Hummingbird. The algorithm is designed to utilize as much as possible of these information.

The appearance of this algorithm is not a surprise, since Google’s Conversational Search was the beginning of the more intelligent search, even though just a few actually used it. Users can click on the small microphone on Google Chrome in the right hand corner of Google’s search box and ask the question they would otherwise type in the search box. The more conversational the query, the more information is provided and the best thing of all is that Google speaks the answer back to you! Pretty great, don’t you think?

Hummingbird Is There For The Users, Not Websites

With all these information about the Hummingbird, you have probably noticed that it is directed towards providing better results for the users, leaving website owners in a little bit awkward position, since it seems like they are now competing with Google. Everything that Google has done has been for the searcher, not the website with the answers.

In spite of these changes, you can still improve your ranking in the search engines by striving to improve your SEO continuously and provide original content. Now you also will have to compete with Google’s Information Cards that may already have the answer to the search in them. Momentarily, this just applies to Google Chrome, but it won’t be long before other browsers find a way to follow suit.

Take The Advantage!

This algorithm revolves around the content – that can’t be stressed enough! Take this opportunity and give the search engines the opportunity to find you. Expand the number of entrance pages that answer the questions being posed in your niche. More original, unique pages offer more opportunities to search engines to find the wanted answer. You have the opportunity to introduce more long tail keywords, as well as videos and infographics.

Focus on Goals – Increase Your Visibility in Search and Gain Competitive Advantage

Honest and free-flowing conversation

If you have been playing by the rules all along, you won’t have to change much. Just keep introducing unique content as often as possible. Smaller websites have the opportunity to gain exposure now. Creating more entrance pages and being creative will open the doors to prosperity.

Keyword Optimization From The New Angle

With Hummingbird, search engine queries are read differently, so instead of looking just few words, Google’s Hummingbird looks for the combination of words in order to give results according to the true meaning of the search. This does not mean that you won’t be using keywords, just that you will be using them differently. The conclusion may be that Google is trying to reduce the importance of keyword optimization and force webmasters to appease the searcher, which translates into the need of drawing the right traffic to websites, not just random visitors. It seems that SEO is turning into marketing, shifting the focus on broader audience. SEO is evolving and it is improving the user’s experience.

Long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate than standard keywords and it is the best thing that came out of Hummingbird concerning SEO. On average, they convert 2.5 times more than one or two word keywords, making them far more lucrative. The potential customer who uses long tail keywords is obviously more informed and therefore much further along in the sales funnel than those who do not use them. Hummingbird’s move to strengthen the role of long tail keywords is extremely helpful in this way.

Unique Content And Hummingbird

One may wonder: “What makes content unique?” It is the originality and creativity that will attract the attention of the audience to the point that they want to share it. The Hummingbird ensures that the content that is on the internet is useful. With this new algorithm, the two words you will be seeing more often are how to. How-to articles and blog posts will be the best response to the needs of the audience. Long Tail Keyword Generators will become more popular than ever and website owners will benefit from the free long-tail keyword generation tools that can be found on the Internet.

The whole point of the hummingbird is to provide useful information to the users, but webmasters will need to decide what is useful and what is not. In order to cover as much areas as possible, writers will need to produce more content with the goal to increase the value of websites. Websites will need to have more pages, more content, and more links that lead to these pages. All in all, it boils down to content.

Most of the things will remain the same, except the long tail keyword optimization. The world of internet marketing is changing and now is the time to prepare your website for possible changes in the future. It may well be that we will have a better understanding of where Google is leading us upon the release of Hummingbird’s rolling upgrades. Until then, strive to learn as much as you can and to keep up with the changes!

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Author: Azra Jovicic