SEO has gone through some major changes in 2013, so asking questions about the future is inevitable. Most changes are a result of Google algorithm updates. Panda update was released with the goal to reduce the amount of website content. Internet marketers used to make content farms, so the goal of Panda was to put a stop to this. There was even couple of Panda updates. However, the greatest change occurred in August 2013, when Hummingbird was released. This algorithm changed the way that internet marketers create content, place keywords and implement SEO strategies. The focus is now more on Google Knowledge Graph and on semantic search.

Content Is The Most Important

Google put an emphasize on the content, so anyone who wants to improve the rankings of their website must make sure that the content will be interesting for the readers and that it contains relevant information. All of this was done with the intention to make the users’ experience better and to give them exactly what they are searching for. Google Knowledge Graph has been released as part of the search algorithm in order to provide faster answers. If the question is clear, you will get the answer immediately right there on the first page. However, if you don’t form a question right, you may not get the clear answer.

There was a great confusion about the use of keywords as well, since now it is up to you to decide which keywords should you use in order to secure the best results. Long-tail keywords are now more important than the keywords that were used before the Google update. However, you should always be aware that there is definitely the shift of focus – content is much more important than keywords are.

The Number Of Mobile Users Increases All The Time

Smart phones have enabled users to get the instant access to all the information they need. This explains the fact that there are more mobile users than the ones that use desktop. The fact itself means that website must be responsive. You can choose mobile web design which will apply to few aspects of your website that you chose. Users can enjoy faster download speeds with the mobile designs. The disadvantage of the mobile web design is that there may be problems with split-page ranks. This only happens when the website is not coded the way it should be. All in all, having a responsive design is a good option, because it will help your customers and potential customers to get informed exactly the way they want to.

Build Authority Of Your Website

You can do this by creating valuable content, but with link building as well. Avoiding spammy sites is highly important if you want to get Google to trust you. However, this is not all, because Google Authorship has gained even bigger value. Each article must have a name of the author and a link towards Google Plus page, because it will help a page get a better ranking. This is the main reason why reliable authors need to write these kind of articles.

Prepare For Constant Change Of Rules

Google is constantly striving to improve the search, so you can expect the constant changes of rules. It is hard to make any predictions, but with enough information you can make some basic assumptions and create strategies. Don’t forget to create a quality and informative content written by reliable authors and optimize your website for mobile users. At the end, make sure you stay informed about all possible changes that appear in the SEO world!

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