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  • San Diego Software

    San Diego Software

    San Diego Software Client

    We are going design and plan in ways you aren’t used to so that we can rapidly protype your vision and get customer feedback quickly. We are going to implement the features that your king, the customer, needs so that we can get feedback fast and then do it all over again and again.

    We will do this all by employing amazingly talented .NET engineers. Engineers that are entrepreneurs themselves. Engineers who think Ruby on Rails is cute and PHP is free but know from experience that Microsoft .NET builds faster than any other language, and that is why it is great for agile envrionments. Especially for startups who haven’t found their market fit yet.

  • MV1 Mobility San Diego

    MV1 Mobility San Diego

    MV1 Mobility San Diego Client

    Mobility Transportation with a purpose.

    Whether you’re a member of the disability community or you service the disability community, the MV-1, the first true mobility vehicle, was created with your specific needs in mind. After all, it was your vital input that helped us build it. Every part, every design element, every piece of engineering points toward taking you from place to place with comfort, ease and dignity. Get to know the one and only mobility transportation solution that rolls right off the assembly line ready for wheelchair accessibility that meets or exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines by examining its features in greater detail.

  • Lupi Vino Cucina

    Lupi Vino Cucina

    Lupi Vino Cucina Client

    Located in the prestigious Bird Rock neighborhood of La Jolla, only 100 yards from the Pacific Ocean.

    Casual, contemporary and urban describe the setting, which is highlighted by modern art on warm colored walls enhanced by dark wood.

  • Del Mar Apartments

    Del Mar Apartments

    Del Mar Apartments Client

    Del Mar is an affluent beach town in San Diego County, California. In 1882, the Southern California Railroad began its new route from San Diego to San Bernardino. Del Mar remains one of the most beautiful destinations along the Western Coastline. The City is comprised of two square miles of coastal land and has a population around 4,500. Del Mar’s climate is considered sub-tropical with warm dry summers and milder winters, and is considered one of the most desirable in the United States.

  • Cratex


    Cratex manufacturing Co is California based abrasive manufacturer and one of the largest US market supplier of rubber abrasives. Cratex abrasives are offered as: silicon carbide grinding wheels, bullet points, rubber polishing sticks and blocks, cones and abrasive sets.  Products are used primarily for metal, glass and lapidary conditioning and finishing. More information at official website https://www.cratex.com/


  • La Jolla Tennis Club

    La Jolla Tennis Club

    La Jolla Tennis Club Client

    LJTC was chartered in 1923 and maintains nine city-owned courts as a public facility. The club provides the nets, wind screens, resurfacing, lights, maintenance, cleaning, and landscaping. In addition, LJTC contributes $2,000 yearly to the La Jolla High School for the additional courts needed each summer for the annual La Jolla Tennis Championships and free Junior Clinics. The LJTC free Junior Clinic is run for youth who might not otherwise find access to instruction. All juniors (18 and under) play free at the club.

  • Creative Mobility

    Creative Mobility

    Creative Mobility Client

    Guidosimplex products, such as driving hand controls and wheelchair van lifts, are known for precision, reliability and performance and are synonymous with freedom and independence for disabled drivers everywhere.

    The Guidosimplex story began more than 50 years ago in Italy, when company founder, Otello Venturini, faced his most difficult challenge: Designing a device that gave disabled individuals the hope of driving a vehicle again.