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OrganikSoft Became Google Partner

Organiksoft SEO CompanyOrganiksoft team consists of hardworking and driven individuals, ready to work against the tide if necessary. Our experts have plenty of experience in the field of Search engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Link Building and Content Marketing. We appreciate feedback, team work and work together with our clients, implementing their ideas while suggesting ours, which altogether gives extraordinary results.

We proud our self being Google Partner verified in Search Advertising and  AdWords Support. Click on link to see our full profile OrganikSoft Google Partner.

OrganikSoft – We generate traffic, leads and sales!

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DIY WordPress Meta Tags Optimization – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

We all know how important Google Optimization is these days. Well optimized website is a MUST in every aspect of online business. Whether you like it or not, SEO is quickly becoming equally important as web design and development.

First step in proper on-site optimization and one of the first steps in search engine optimization is optimization of Meta Tags. What are Meta Tags? They are html tags that introduce your site to Google. They consist of Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. Let us concentrate on title and description, as keywords haven’t been used by Google or other search engines for the past three years.

The first and most important question – why WordPress? The answer is simple – because it is the most used platform for web development these days, and it’s very simple to use. All it requires is just basic knowledge of web development. In order to avoid mess-up with HTML coding on your WordPress website, you will need to install one of the many WordPress plugins for manipulating Meta tags. I prefer to use plugin called ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. It is very easy to install it on site, take a look at the images below.

First log in to your website using for example, enter your login username and password.

wordpress loginWhen Dashboard opens go to Plugins on your left hand side, and click on Add New Plugin. In the little box type in All In One SEO and click Search Plugins. See images below.



When you find the desired plugin, click on Install Now. After that click Activate Plugin, like on print screens below. And that is it, you have successfully installed All In One SEO plugin. Simple, isn’t it?



After installing plugin you will need to configure it properly. Go to Plugins and click on Installed Plugins. Now click on Options configuration panel in the section related to All In One SEO Plugin like on the picture below.


Now you can write, change or do whatever you like with your Meta tags. Take a look at the images below and write your Page titles and descriptions in white boxes. When you’re done, don’t forget to click on Update Options (for optimizing tags for Home Page), or Update Page or Post (if optimizing inner pages or posts on your blog).



Just keep in mind that Meta title should be 60 characters long including spaces, and description 160 characters long. What else should you know about Mata Tags optimization? Always try to write unique, descriptive titles both on Home page and your inner pages or blog posts. Use your main keywords in the title, as well as the Company name. At the end of the day, Meta title is the first thing Google, Bing!, Yahoo and other search engines notice on your website. Feel free to use generic terms because Meta Title is something you write for search engine crawlers.

When it comes to description, it should be compelling or persuade someone looking for products/services you offer, to take action. So, don’t forget to use some kind of call to action quote, like your email or email of your company. Experiment with Meta tags until you find the best suitable in terms of ranking.

With plugin you have installed on site you will be able to manage a lot more such as: canonical URL’s, enable/disable Meta keywords, change title formats, change Google Analytics and Webmaster tools settings, use NoIndex setting and more. We’ll write about other options in the next article.

If you are interested in advanced on-page optimization tips and pieces of advice, please visit Organiksoft – SEO Company from San Diego or call (858) 800 2526.

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Google evolves, SEO evolves; innovation and change are inevitable

On August 20, 2013, Google launched an entirely fresh and new search algorithm – the Hummingbird search algorithm. Its name fully fits it; it is rapid, dynamic, fast and accurate. Another vital change before the Hummingbird was 2010`s `Caffeine Update` when algorithm was also significantly modified. However, this time, the algorithm combines certain parts of the old one that were good enough to be preserved and the new parts that can successfully face the nowadays search requirements to the fullest, thus offering a powerful mechanism for better and more meaningful search results.

A closer explanation of the new algorithm update

Google intended to make its search engine more human-like and less machine-like. It took the Knowledge Graph so as to offer more complex and more knowledgeable responses to its users. The new engine is considering your each question as a whole, as a complex structure consisting of many words and phrases so that Google can get a much better and clearer picture of what you are aiming at. Now you are provided with a more exact and relevant search result as the search engine is much smarter and able to answer more comprehensive users` queries quickly and easily.

The connection between Hummingbird algorithm and SEO

It is said that the Hummingbird does not bring about any considerable changes concerning SEO guidance. However, all major algorithmic updates have a certain level of effect on organic site traffic and SEO, and they dictate the adjustment of the already existing SEO approaches. As the new algorithm can predict the best match of content to a user’s question or inquiry, the focus has been driven on unique, informational and meaningful online content.

The concrete impact on the SEO industry

More personalized search tactics ensure a better match of user`s intent and the relevant content Google offers. This means that site owners and marketers should pay more attention to providing content that acknowledges the context and offers a broader frame of reference to its audience. Every single page of the site should be closely targeted to potential visitors and long-tail keywords should definitely be used. All in all, original, subject-relevant, quality and meaningful content is what it takes to fulfill your basic SEO purposes and ensure becoming a successful member of the wide online marketing community.

Adapting to the changes

With its Hummingbird project, Google has made some really brave moves to become an integral part of our every-day life. The new algorithm impacts as much as 90% of all searches. Thus, the sooner you adjust your site to semantic search and the knowledge graph, the better for your online presence. It all comes down to this: when a topic is carefully and meticulously written, with all the variations of the topic included in the text, it can certainly help you drive the traffic on your site and gradually increase your profit.

Here are some of the relevant facts marketers should focus on:

• Content. Keep your content more sharable and more human-focused in order to stay competitive on the market and rank in search results. Your content needs to be rich and deep, going beyond simple keywords and phrases and answering more comprehensive queries of users.
• Social signals. Make sure your social media profiles are updated in a timely manner and enriched with all significant pieces of data so as to correspond to the changes that the new algorithm brings about. Focus on quality, authorship and keeping your data useful to target audience. Producing quality content on a regular basis and implementing new and fresh content, so that readers can discuss, like or share it, is essential.
• A page-based approach. As the Hummingbird is ideally placed to determine the most relevant and high-quality pages that meet the requirements of the searcher, a page-based approach becomes more significant than a keyword-based approach. Additionally, longer-tail keywords may definitely generate more traffic for a website.
• The needs of the user. Consider the value and usefulness of your content and do whatever it takes to convey that value to the search engines. Pay attention to content relevancy, think about topics rather than keywords and optimize for multiple keywords.

Adjusting to all innovation in search is what online marketing is all about. With the Hummingbird algorithm update, the Google has decided to reward quality, not the quantity of content. Therefore, considering all the relevant facts, SEO community should take into consideration deep, quality and good-structured content, well-rounded approach to a particular topic and a special attention to the requirements of targeted audience. It is not just the words in the questions of web users and consumers; it is about matching them with the suitable context and background. It is about establishing a more natural relationship between an individual and Google search engine on whatever device one uses, with greater and more comprehensive search experiences to users.

To conclude, it becomes crucial to provide as much info about your site as possible so that Google gets the better picture about it. On one hand, keywords are becoming less and less important to search engine ranking success, and on the other hand, it becomes significant to start structuring your content differently. Those willing to put an effort and adjust to the changes occurring with the Google Hummingbird project will surely benefit from this algorithm update. Websites that place well under the new algorithm changes may also experience an increase in their mobile traffic and voice search as a result.

Need help with building a successful SEO and link building and staying competitive in the ever-changing online industry? Contact us at (858) 800-2526 or send us an e-mail on with some basic information about your website. We are at your disposal 24/7!

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Google’s “Page Layout” Algorithm

Google has surprised us again – all the websites that are top-heavy with ads will be penalized! This new algorithm is called “page layout algorithm”. The reason that this algorithm is published is because users want to see the content right away, rather than tons of ads that only spoil the experience of the user.

If your website doesn’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change. If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience. Sites using pop-ups, pop-unders or overlay ads are not impacted by this. It only applies to static ads in fixed positions on pages themselves.

The Statement From Google

Perhaps it will be clearer to you what Google is doing and why when you read their official statement:

“We’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience. Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away.

So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change. If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience.”

When Is Time To Stop?

Even though Google doesn’t want too many ads, the question is what is actually too much? The general recommendation is to use Google Browser Size tool or similar tools to understand the exact formula that works for you. The good news is that this algorithm may affect only the websites with abnormally large number of ads, so there is no need to panic.

Placing ads above-the-fold is common for many websites, since it is a way for publishers to monetize online content. Using the ads to a normal degree is understandable, so these sites will be protected during these changes. You need to understand that users visit your website because they want to read something that interests them, so it is up to you to provide quality content for them.

Who Will Be Affected?

If you are not sure the way it will affect your site, you will know what to expect in a very short period of time when the update will show its full effect. You should know that less than 1% of Google’s searches will be under the impact.

Even if you fix your ads, you should know that the penalty won’t immediately lift. You will need to wait couple of weeks before you can see some changes. If you decide to update your page layout, the page layout algorithm will automatically reflect the changes as Google re-crawl and process enough pages from your site to assess the changes. The time it will take to process the changes will depend on different factors. The number of pages on your site and how efficiently Googlebot can crawl the content are two of these factors. It will usually take few weeks for Googlebot to crawl and process enough pages to reflect layout changes on the site.

Ironically, Google AdSense Pushes Ads, which only contribute to the overall confusion, but if you pay more attention it recommends careful ad placement.

Organiksoft team is always learning and is able to adapt to new circumstances, so we are able to respond to all the requirements of our customers. We will help you increase your trust rank with the internet marketing strategies that we have already tested, so you can have a peace of mind and enjoy the results. For more information, call our customer support number (858) 800-2526 or send us an email Schedule a meeting with us and let us explain how exactly we can help you.


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The Shift Of Focus

Search engine algorithm released by Google in the previous year made some huge changes and the effects will be felt for a long time. Google often makes changes and we are all familiar with Panda update that was released three years ago. All the changes have been made with the goal to improve the quality of content and to push digital marketers away from relying on keyword usage. Even though the ultimate result is better user experience, the other side of the medal is not that bright. The work of internet marketers changed and it has been frustrating because of the changed rules. Hummingbird made a big fuss and we will keep seeing results. It is not over yet.

Changes We Can Expect

There have been concerns about SEO and questions about content, mainly about content marketing. Don’t worry, it will still be present and special attention should be paid to content. The content has to be created now in accordance with the demands of the market. Content has always been important and that is the only thing that hasn’t changed, but its quality has increased. It is not easy to earn links as it used to, which will make us all work harder.

SEO and content marketing are becoming the same thing slowly but surely. Traditional SEO will never lose its importance, so you can expect that there will still be keyword research, tagging of the pages and website structure. Search engines are developing intelligent search with the goal to make a difference between valuable websites and the ones that simply give the impression of value. SEO is evolving and you should be aware of this change, since it is not simply limited to HTML, link building, and keyword tactics, the focus has shifted and now SEO experts work more on creating relevant content that will attract the attention of the audience and increase the traffic.

The search will be more natural, so that the user can get the information he wants by typing the question as he would ask a friend. It is the whole point of changes we are going through. This is why the role of keywords decreased and now keyword phrases get a greater importance. Great content built around the central keyword will only get the deserved attention. There are even some indications that digital PR will develop, which is basically a tight connection between SEO and public relations as we know them. We all need to adjust to the upcoming changes and embrace them, so we can all progress in the future.

Rank And Social Presence

The algorithm has made it more difficult to determine factors that influence ranking, so it will definitely be very challenging to determine what kind of content should be published and what should be eliminated. Establishing social presence is something that you should dedicate your time to, because having a strong social presence drives traffic and helps greatly with building brand awareness. Sharing content is now a lot easier with the popularity of all these social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Creating interesting content definitely attracts attention and it will be the main way of advertising brands and increasing awareness.

Going Mobile?

The popularity of smart phones is increasing constantly and users want to have access to their favorite websites all the time. This influences the way that websites look like and emphasizes the value of responsiveness. There is even the information that 40% or more emails are viewed on the mobile which means that is has an enormous potential and that potential should be used as much as possible. Speed is an important factor and something that you should pay attention to when developing a mobile site. Local search will continue to be very important and it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Organiksoft is a company that helped many clients so far to improve their ranking. We are constantly learning and strive to make the most out of all changes that appear, so we can provide the best service to our clients. If you wish to find out more about the services that we offer, call us (858) 800-2526 or send us an email .

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How To Recover From Penguin 2.1?

A little over a month ago, Google released a new update – Penguin 2.1. There are some changes that it caused. Of course, most website owners are in panic, wondering how it will affect their websites. This new update identified newer link spam created after the Penguin 2.0. Everyone are trying to figure out how this algorithm works exactly and this article sheds a little light on it.

The Main Focus

This update is causing lots of changes and we want to help you understand it better. Placing an excessive number of links on the same platform, as well as placing multiple links to the same page from the same guest post is likely to be penalized. Avoid creating unnecessary pages for the sole purpose of putting more content on the site and creating more internal links and creating short blog posts (500 words or less) linking back to the target page. Read more »

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We Get Intelligent Search With Hummingbird!

With the new Google algorithm, many started wondering is it necessary to change SEO strategy, since it caused panic attacks of most website owners. If you started thinking that SEO is dead, this cannot be more far from the truth. Page rank will be pursued in the same way, with few slight changes such as the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Unique and high quality content is still on the top of priority list – that will never change. The only change is the way Google’s new algorithm interprets the way we search.

Old Habits Are Broken

Just a while ago, when we wanted to find some information, we would type the question into search engine and the information that it would give us often didn’t have much to do with what we truly wanted to know. However, this is about to change, since Hummingbird brought some intelligent changes with the intention to focus more on context rather than on the words within the query. Read more »

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The Essential Value Of Copywriting

If you are wondering what copyrighting is exactly, we can help you understand – it is the art of presenting products and services the way that is easily understandable and appealing to potential customers. The material written by copywriters can be read in magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers. The same product can be presented in so many different ways and every copywriter gives his/her personal touch which gives different result every time.
However, it is not enough to write a good article. In order for your article to be noticed, there are certain things that should be done, like SEO optimization.

You Need SEO Copywriting!

With so many content on the internet, it is hard to get your material noticed. In order to achieve this, you need professionals who will attract the attention of customers and provide content that is search engine friendly. It is important to create the content that will be noticed by search engines, so your page rank goes up, which will result in bigger profit. As you can see, everything is interconnected. Read more »

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Increase Your Conversation Rate With These Simple Advices

A word is very powerful, especially in the marketing world where people rely on the things that you are saying. You can attract the attention of the larger audience with few changes in the way you write articles.  It is not necessary to be a professional writer, you just need to understand the way your audience finds the information they need.

With so much information on the internet, anyone who wants to purchase a product starts their research on the web. This is why they don’t want you to give them solutions, but help them with advantages and disadvantages or your personal experience, so they can make a better decision.  More than half of the visitors function this way, so this is quite a big number. Keep in mind that with so many text, people don’t read, they scan, which means that you need to give them a content that makes this easier. Most people will decide if they want to stay on the page in 10, 20 seconds, so make it interesting and keep their attention. Read more »

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Competitive Analysis – Important Part Of SEO Campaign

For the success of any marketing campaign, one of the first things you will need to do is to conduct a competitive analysis. Do a research of the market in order to understand the way that your competition is doing business, so you can make a plan of your own to reach the customers. A competitive analysis will tell you what the competition is doing right and what they are doing wrong, which will help you to weight all the opportunities and take advantage of the best ones.

The same thing applies for SEO. Even though you may think that you can start working on your website without preparations, consider what your competition is doing first. Competitive analysis is part of an SEO Campaign and three important competitor items to consider are Site/domain age, Targeted keywords and Backlinks. Read more »