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3 Key Factors of Social Media Optimization

SEO is growing rapidly and changing its tools every day. It is no longer just about traditional inbound links and Meta tags; it is about informative content, visual marketing and good product promotion. No one can deny that social media marketing represents a significant part of a SEO strategy of a business nowadays.
Thinking about making a successful online presence? Here is what you need to know in order to realize the true importance of social media and making your appearance more memorable to your audience.

• The role of human factor is very hard to be neglected. With huge popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, there is no doubt that the significance of social signals is considerably increasing over time. Those who like or follow you, share your posts or mention your brand name on their sites, blogs or forums, actually influence your better reputation, promotion, online accessibility and overall credibility.

Once a visitor of your page on some of the social networking sites observes thousands of likes or shares, it serves as a sign of approval to him, confirming that it is definitely something worth reviewing. Feeling more familiar with the product or service offered, the customer is more likely to make an order. And what does it mean to your website? It means a more successful SEO strategy, better rankings in search results and, ultimately, increased website traffic.

• Interacting with your target client area is crucial. By posting links and discussion-activating questions, responding to comments or conducting polls, you are establishing and advertising your brand. However, it is equally important to preserve your social media presence over time by engaging your audience all along, staying current with your social media pages and maintaining quality content.

Here is an interesting fact. Google has indicated that they will soon be able to tell who is influential in a particular area partially by their social media profiles. Therefore, it makes sense that a company with lots of followers and a better relationship with its potential customers appears higher for relevant searches than someone else that does not maintain its social presence. Basically, a successful combination of optimization on popular social networking websites can bring you free publicity.

• Good marketing begins with establishing your online presence and this is what social media is about. Keeping an active Facebook or Pinterest presence is certainly the right move for your website and a relevant part of your overall SEO strategy and business marketing plan. Organizing social media campaigns and keeping records of their success and their effects on SEO, means that you are taking into account all the trends and becoming a member of the wide online marketing community.

According to a research on how consumers found websites in 2012, social media accounts for 32% of discoveries, with a growing trend and a possible tendency of achieving even greater business value than the traditional SEO. Could this really happen? Well, one thing is sure – social media optimized businesses provide a much better customer experience and their sites gradually grow in traffic. Moreover, a study showed that 90% of internet traffic was from non-paid channels, including social networking sites and blogs.

Over time, everyone will have a Google+ account so that Google will trace the communities you are part of, as well as your interactions and your searches. It becomes clear that social optimization can convey information that the site alone cannot. Therefore, efficient and smart usage of the blogs, networking sites and all kinds of online communities leads to greater popularity of your site, popularity leads to a wider range of consumers, and a wider range of consumers leads to a complete success of your business!

A piece of advice: start by sharing new and unique content on all your social networking platforms, present your enterprise the best way possible, interact with your target audience all the time and keep in mind that your website depends solely on your customer base! Each new, potential customer is relevant if you want to survive in the online industry and keep your business profit high. And the first step towards making someone your loyal and satisfied customer could be the very social media strategy you are considering right now!

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