CMS gives you lots of possibilities, like the opportunity to edit text content, add images and videos and to control the page design elements of every page by editing files. We know that making decisions about your website is not easy, that is exactly why we are here to support you. Just few of the major benefits of a professional CMS are workflow implementation, the chance to check quality of content before publishing, systematic creation and management of content, ability to track changes, access to different levels, consistency maintained in web pages, management of various versions of one content easy content endorsement. Differently put – CMS websites empowers you to publish, modify and update your content through a simple interface.


Custom CMS allows site maintenance from a single point. The moment when you associate a set of photos, product descriptions and Meta tags for a specific product page, the content management system has to pull them all from the database and pass them to the web browser.

Organiksoft specializes in customizing open source CMS like WordPress, ezPublish, Magento and other. Our web developers can do for your website:

  • Modification of the source code
  • Addition of components, modules, plugins, widgets that are already available
  • Addition of new features and services to your CMS
  • Development of new components, modules, plug-ins, or widgets
  • Customization of banners, texts and images
  • Development of new theme and template design.