Considering that Google is one of the strongest search engines, it is understandable why is so important to work on Google optimization. Nearly 80% of the searches are coming from Google search engine, so every internet marketer must know the rules that Google has in order to avoid penalties and ensure the best results for its clients.

Organiksoft uses the most advanced techniques and strategies for reaching better Google SERP`s. We offer integrated approach with on-page content promoted off-page within the main social media channels. Social media websites have enormous significance nowadays, because they have a great potential for promoting business and communicating with clients. Our work concerning social networks includes creating pages for promoting products and services of our clients, since this is a great opportunity for exchanging information and getting a valuable feedback.


Google Optimization Services that we provide consist of two main strategies:

  • On-Page Optimization – Providing Meta heading and Titles for the pages on your website, as well as description and keywords since it is something that Google takes into consideration. We provide quality and unique content that will interest your readers, while being relevant for search engines as well. Lately, content has gained even bigger popularity than it had before, since Google strives to improve the experience of its users. The search is more intelligent now, especially with Hummingbird update and it is an important step towards the future goals.
  • Off Page Optimization consists of:
    • Link Building – It includes all connections with other websites and we choose websites that we will link to very carefully. More inbound links from high PageRank sites means better Google positioning, so it is the key factor when it comes to Google optimization. Search engines use links in many different ways and some assumptions can be made through analysis of patent applications, years of experience and hands-on testing. Our experience has taught as how to read the signs and implement the right techniques and reach the client’s goal.
    • Social Media Optimization – consists of several components oriented towards promotion. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and social bookmarks websites can promote your business and brand in most effective way. We will determine which social networks will have the biggest effect for your particular brand by targeting the biggest concentration of your customers. There is no use in promoting products on social networks that your target audience doesn’t use.

Our Team Can Help You

Organiksoft team is very experienced and has helped many clients so far to boost their position on Google. We will help you to reach your target audience while optimizing your website for Google. There are several points that need to be covered and we will certainly make sure to provide you with all the right solutions that will produce wanted results. Each of our experts will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations and get you closer to your goal! If you wish to find out more, call our customer support number (858) 800-2526 or send us an email Schedule a meeting with us and let us explain how exactly we can help you.