With the fast market development, following trends became a necessity. It is the only way to be able to keep up with all the changes and to make the most of each opportunity that comes along. Our experts follow trends in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. We then use our knowledge to promote our client’s business in the way that will produce the best results.

The role of social networks in promoting someone’s product or service increases by the day and it has an enormous potential. We strive to make the most of each one and reach the target audience of our clients. One of the social networks with a great value is Google+ that can be used for business promotion, communication with clients and getting feedback from visitors.

Google+ Facts

This social network is young, it was launched two years ago. It gives you more than other social networks, including numerous opportunities for brand promotion and interaction between clients and the company. There are millions and millions of users that joined Google+ and that number is rising by the day. Great thing about Google+ is that it can be used for link building. It’s the only social network that has follow links, so it can bring traffic to your site and influence on Google ranking at the same time.


We can create and customize your circles, which means that you can communicate with your clients only. A Google + user can add “+1” to your Google + page. There are certain similarities with Facebook, but the major difference is that the +1 influences search engine results when a user sees your +1 and search for related materials.

The Role of Organiksoft in the Process

We can create a Google+ Business Page and promote your business by posting updates on regular basis like adding video material and images, adding articles or blog posts from your website, manage events – and manage your profile with adding keyword related tagline and introduction with anchor text and links, add contact information like phone number and email, as well as link your Google+ page with other social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even YouTube. Additionally, we will help you create new leads, engage in conversations and increase website traffic. This way, we will cover the entire Google+ internet marketing and help your business to grow.

The thing we like about Google+ page is that it gives you better insight in page views (post views, profile views and local search views) for desired period of time. But that is not all – the best is yet to come. Google+ page action module allows you to see new followers, clicks on website, clicks on driving directions and maps. Great for all business owners who strive to have better local visibility.

Organiksoft is a company with rich experience and our team consists of knowledgeable individuals enthusiastic about the work they do, which makes us perfect for helping you realize the potential of Google+ marketing. If you wish to get more information about this part of social media optimization, call us (858) 800-2526 or send us an email marketing@organiksoft.com.