Keyword and key phrase research is essential and one of the first steps in search engine optimization. Searching for keywords that best describes your business is important for two reasons. They define and introduce you website to the search engines and can be used as keywords in link building campaign. Relevant and attractive keywords are first that will be noticed by Google crawlers. Be smart choosing right for you because they can be key factor for driving profit to your site.

Let say a few words about process of searching for right keywords.  First of all, you should know this process should be done by professional marketers and SEOs. Our team uses advanced keyword researching tools like: Google Keyword Planner, Wordtracker, Bing Keyword research Tool, Raven tools and others that helps us better understood witch words can generate relevant traffic in your micro niche. This part of SEO is closely related to On-page Optimization and Keyword optimization.

Chosen keywords will be implemented and used for copy on your home page as well as home page title and description. All main pages that will generate highest amount of traffic should have relevant, lead oriented and searchable keywords and phrases on it.


Over the years we have notice that many SEO’s are abusing keywords and using spam try to manipulate ranking in search engine. Over optimization and spam are something that Google don’t like. With recent algorithmic updates specially Panda they taken down all webmasters and their sites to penalty. Being at Google updates they recently released new algo update, maybe bigger so far called Hummingbird. This will change even more keyword research.

Hummingbird has changed the way that search engines read queries, meaning that it looks for combinations of words rather than just few words in order to give the results that are as close as possible to the true meaning of the search.  Keywords are still going to be used, but slightly different than we are used to. Some even conclude that Google is trying to reduce the importance of keyword optimization and to soothe the searcher. This translates into the true necessity of attracting the right kind of traffic to websites in opposed to attracting random visitors.

The best thing that we got from the Hummingbird concerning SEO is that long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate than standard keywords. They convert 2.5 times more than one or two keywords on average, which makes them more profitable. Customers who use log tail keywords are much more informed then the ones who don’t use them, meaning that Hummingbird made the role of long tail keywords very helpful in this way.

We hope that this article has shown you how important keyword research is and why you need to work with SEO consultant on this. Now, all you need to do is to call Organiksoft number at (858) 800-2526 or send email to and we do everything to meet your demands regarding SEO.