Google has made some changes recently in their guidelines regarding ranking, giving more importance to social sharing. But SEO link building remains the key factor in Google algorithm – and will be in the future, that is for sure. Without relevant inbound (or external) links on sites with online authority your website will not be even near Google first page search result. That is why you need to outsource this part of SEO services to professionals.

Building links or link acquisition is the most difficult part of Google optimization. It’s a passion actually. Organic link building is a challenge that many SEO companies are not able to handle – but that is not the case with Organiksoft. Yes, we have different link building campaigns for different online marketing niches, but all of them are transparent and very measurable. Our techniques will help you gain relevant traffic, better search engine ranking, customer attention, give advantage over the competitors and finally increased revenue.

We are a company that offers monthly link building services. Recent Google algorithm update Panda 2.1 hasn’t affected our clients because we are working strictly according to Google guidelines – white hat link building tactics only with permanent and organic link development. Our focus is on creating long term, permanent links that wouldn’t be affected with algorithmic updates.


But let us explain our approach when it comes to link acquisition:

  • First of all we will perform your domain audit with advanced SEO and Link Building tools, like aHrefs, Majesty SEO and MOZ Site Explorer
  • After that, we’ll analyze links of your main competitors exporting them to excel spreadsheets
  • In the third part of this process we will perform keyword and key phrases research
  • Finally we will start link building according to results of previous stages. Like we’ve said before, our capabilities can guarantee the best results in attracting and generating relevant traffic to your site.

Different organic strategies like blog posts, social bookmarking, social media links creation, creating wiki links and infograpics, link baits, image sharing links, document and video sharing submissions, strategic partnerships, participating on relevant forums, press releases, in some cases link exchange and many other like efficient internal linking can rank your site for thousand different key phrases. Improved ranking leads to better sales – simple, right? Yes, if you are working with Organiksoft.

Over the years we have developed unique reports for all of our clients. It is generated PDF with all the links we have managed to acquire, report exported from Google Analytics with traffic and conversion indicators and finally with Google keywords ranking tables. This is something that will help you as a business owner to track your return on investment, ROI.

What about prices of link packages? We don’t have one size fits all solution. Call us (858) 800-2526 or send an email and request a quote. When talking about content it all about quality, isn’t it? Well, the same thing applies to links. If you want quality and natural links profile call as today!