The way that business is run nowadays has changed significantly when compared to the previous decade. The world is constantly evolving and we strive to keep up with all these changes. We offer services to our clients that help them achieve a goal of establishing a solid success and reaching a wider audience.

Our Methods

Organiksoft uses many different white hat methods for achieving the goal of high page rank and increasing the profit of our clients. One of those methods is social bookmarking and it is highly important, because it drives more traffic to your bookmarked blog post or article. If visitors like it, they can vote for it. The more people votes, the traffic will be bigger. The internet is all about the traffic. Social bookmarking can help you to increase it and establish your presence in the Internet world.


We submit URL of our client’s website to the mayor Social Bookmarking sites, so more and more people can notice the website, visit it and purchase the product or recommend it to someone who needs it. Word of mouth is powerful, so we strive to attract the attention of the target audience and help you expand your business.

Popular Social Bookmarking Sites have lots of traffic on a daily basis, so if your website has good content on it, the chances that other users will link to your content increases and consequently increase your website ranking in Search Engines. We use Social Bookmarking sites with the highest PR like Digg, Reddit, Folkd, Tumblr etc.

We Choose More Effective Way

We don’t use software for Automatic Bookmarking Submissions, we believe in hard work and accomplishing goals step by step. Trust Organiksoft marketers and let us help you establish your online presence!

Visit our Facebook page for more information, call our customer support number (858) 800-2526 or send us an email We are here to help you if you are having any questions and want to find out more. Let us guide you through the whole process and help you reach your target audience!