9 Ideal Free SEO Tools to Build Your Startup’s Online Presence

Check out this list of the best free SEO tools that can enhance your organic rankings on Google and lead to quick profit in your business. Also, learn what is right the solution for link building/analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, and more.

Any startup company willing to scale up its sales and enhance its brand visibility must figure out a way to top of the search engine rankings.

That’s where SEO acts, and therefore SEO tools were developed to make the search engine optimization more impactful and convenient to implement.

Tools are essential for your SEO campaign as they help you keep your website optimized for Google and other search engines.

There’re various tools for different search engine optimization tasks like keyword research, technical optimization, traffic analysis, etc.

On that account, our SEO experts compiled the top 9 free SEO tools list for any type of business.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an indispensable resort to any digital marketer serious about search engine optimization.

It delivers a lot of handy data about websites such as the number of site visits, traffic sources, and location demographics.

With the detailed info from Google Analytics, SEO professionals can tweak their content strategy, figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It’s one of the best free search engine optimization tools that every entrepreneur should use. Google also provides several other skillful tools such as Keyword Planner, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and Sheets.

Google Analytics creates free reports for you on data, including:

  • Sessions;
  • Pageviews;
  • Users;
  • Bounce rates;
  • Average session duration.

2. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs, which focuses on paid software, also includes a free backlink checker tool. In a few seconds, Ahrefs Backlink Checker can tell you the following about any domain on the Internet.

Though this software doesn’t explain how it calculates a website’s URL rating and domain rating, these numbers still offer you a good idea of website authority.

  • URL rating: This number (out of 100) determines how strong a website’s backlink profile is (takes internal and external links into account). Also, it correlates with a website’s Google rankings;
  • Domain rating: It tells you where a site stands in terms of link popularity.

Not only does it list how many websites are linking back to your domain, but it gives you a list of the top 100 backlinks, the percentage of dofollow links and the top 5 anchor text used to link to the site.

Only in the paid model of Ahrefs can you audit your site, track keywords, generate reports, and fully understand the direction of your site’s SEO.

We included the paid version of Ahrefs in our list of best keyword research tools to help you rank higher in Google.

3. MozBar

MozBar is one of the most used free SEO audit tools that works with the Chrome browser. It gives easy access to advanced metrics on web-pages and SERPs. With this tool, you can easily access the page and domain authority scores of any page or website.

The Page Analysis functionality allows you to explore elements on any page such as markup, page title, general attributes, and link metrics.

You can find keywords on the page you’re viewing, highlight and differentiate links, and compare the link metrics of different websites in SERPs.

If you need to do in-depth SEO research on the go, this software is one of the best solutions to consider. You can unlock even more advanced functions like page optimization and keyword difficulty with a MozPro subscription.

It delivers information on five main categories: on-page elements, general attributes, link metrics, markup, and HTTP status.

In the first category, the toolbar can "tell":

  • Meta description;
  • Meta keywords;
  • Page title;
  • H1 and H2;
  • Alt-text.

The other 4 categories in the MozBar give more info about how the site you’re visiting is structured, including:

  • Page load time;
  • Page and domain authorities;
  • Total links;
  • External followed links.

4. Woorank

Woorank is an excellent SEO crawler for beginners or just to know exactly how a site is performing before building your campaign.

It’s a Chrome extension that provides a detailed report which shows traffic estimations and usability issues. It can be a useful guide to get the most of your SEO campaign.

It generates a search engine optimization score for your site and an actionable Marketing Checklist, that outlines steps you can apply to fix any issues with your site’s SEO.

Another great feature of this free tool is the social shareability window. This section provides social network data, like the number of likes, shares, comments, backlinks, and bookmarks across social networks.

It also includes a useful mobile section where you can find info on how your web-pages render on mobile devices and how swiftly they load.

The tool also covers other on-site SEO factors, like:

  • Headings;
  • In-page links;
  • Broken links;
  • XML sitemap;
  • Blocking factors;
  • Schema.org markup;
  • Mobile-friendliness.

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, designed by Neil Patel, is a keyword tool that helps you identify keywords as well as the search intent behind them by showing the top ranking SERPs for them.

From short to long-tail phrases, you can get the best terms to use on your site with hundreds of suggestions from this free SEO tool.

Metrics that Ubersuggest includes in its report are keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends.

The software also returns handy data for each keyword, including the search volume, CPC, and level of competition.

An uber feature of this tool is its ability to filter out keywords that you’re not interested in from search results.

It’s a great free keyword research tool on the market that discovers.

  • Keyword volume;
  • Keyword ideas;
  • SEO difficulty;
  • Cost per click (CPC);
  • Paid difficulty;
  • Top ranking website on Google and its traffic volume;
  • Check keyword of websites that are ranking at the top.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a WordPress web site ranking tool that delivers you all the necessary information you need when optimizing on-page SEO. The free model of Yoast has the following capabilities.

  • Choose one keyword per piece of content: It'll tell you your keyword density, distribution, and whether or not you're conflicting with preexisting content. It's crucial for anyone with a website;
  • Inspect readability: Even most search engine optimization discussions include ranking for Google, it's critical to remember that how your readers engage with your content will ultimately decide where search engines rank it;
  • Check duplicate content: Producing duplicate content is a sure way to confuse Google's algorithms. That's why Yoast creates canonical URLs in its free plugin.

Though the free version of Yoast provides some incredible features, Yoast Premium has several features for added optimization. These include:

  • Redirect manager to escape 404s;
  • Internal linking suggestions to enhance your internal optimization;
  • Keyword optimization for multiple keywords.

7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used free SEO tools, you need a Google AdWords account to use it. Once you set up the account, but you can log in to Keyword Planner to access a few key features.

  • Find new keywords: This part of the software helps you achieve exactly that: find new keywords. Google allows you to enter a URL, phrase, or keyword, for which it will generate a new list of possible keywords.
  • Compare keywords: You can input a list of keywords to generate metrics about each. This part of the tool makes predictions for particular keywords based on impressions, clicks, monthly search volume, ranking competition, and cost per click.

Note - Keep in mind that Keyword Planner is among the most useful free SEO report tools online, designed for use in AdWords campaigns.

8. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a skillful tool that gives content marketers valuable data about the questions users ask online.

Once you enter a keyword, it entices popular queries based on that keyword and generates a graphic with the questions and phrases folks use when they search for that keyword.

This data provides content creators insight into the concerns and desires of potential clients and allows them to produce highly targeted content that addresses those needs.

It also offers keyword suggestions using prepositions such as “like,” “with,” and “versus.” The software is a useful research tool that can help you craft better content that users will enjoy and share too.

Answer the Public is invaluable for content marketers for four reasons:

  • It enables you to get to know the targeted audience and what keeps them up at night;
  • It targets your keyword research;
  • It optimizes for long-tail key phrases;
  • It answers questions that can get you into Google’s featured snippets.

9. Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s search algorithm places a lot of accents on how mobile-friendly a website is. Therefore, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is developed to help you determine if your site is correctly optimized for tablets and smartphones.

You just input in your site’s URL, and it’ll inform you whether your site is mobile-friendly. The tool also gives suggestions on how you can increase the mobile-friendliness of your site.

The Page Loading Info function enables you to know if Google can adequately access all the resources on a specific page and what to do if it can’t.

The software quickly checks whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. It suggests different ways to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Some suggestions involve using legible font sizes, sizing content to the viewport, and sizing tap targets appropriately.

The tool looks for issues that prevent this, such as:

  • Flash;
  • Viewport issues;
  • Horizontal scrolling;
  • Content doesn’t scale;
  • Unsuitable font or text;
  • Touch elements are too close.

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