9 Ideal Email Marketing Tools for Newbies

Do you need to enhance the efficiency of your email outreach to current customers, or it’s better to focus on acquiring new leads? This article will help you to achieve your marketing goal and explain what email marketing tool is, why is it important, benefits, and which tools are best on the market.

best email marketing software

Finding an email marketing software that fulfills freelancers’ and small business owners’ requirements isn’t that complicated.

Email marketing tools are mostly the same – features and price-wise. It includes free trials, a wide array of email templates, social media integrations, and email scheduling.

There are myriad of software and automation tools on the market that makes email marketing a breeze. For instance, MailChimp can be used to send out emails and monitor how your subscribers interact with your emails.

Using this software, you’ll automate your marketing workflows, track your stats, send more and better emails, and build a deeper relationship with your customers.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

It’s one of the most cost-efficient marketing solutions for startuppers. This’s because this type of marketing is easy to manage, providing you full control, and enabling you to establish direct contact with your clients.

It’s crucial to understand that a lot of your success with email marketing relies entirely on the tool you pick since it’s responsible for ensuring that your emails actually get delivered.

If you aren’t careful, then you’ll end up paying a lot more money for fewer functionalities and poor email deliverability rates.

What Should a Good Email Marketing Tool Have?

A proper tool must create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface – drag and drop will be ideally.

You should be able to quickly send tons of emails – personalized and targeted without a lot of work. It is also known as marketing automation.

Except that, your dedicated service must make it easy to organize your contacts, segment clients into groups, and supervise the efficiency of marketing actions.

Most importantly, the right solution ensures that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

free email marketing tools


Email marketing is utilized by some of the biggest enterprises in the world. Anyway, it isn’t just for big players with big budgets.

This type of marketing is one of the best marketing techniques available for small businesses with a strict budget.

Here’re the top 10 benefits this software offers to for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners.

  • Drive more conversions;
  • More cost-effective than traditional marketing tools;
  • Shorter sales cycle;
  • Increase traffic to your website;
  • Easy to track and measure;
  • Improve brand awareness;
  • Reach people on any device;
  • Provide real-time communication;
  • No character limits;
  • Instant impact.

Best Email Marketing Tools

Finding the best email marketing service for your organization needs can be difficult sometimes. Still, most marketers want the same – an easy-to-use, reasonably-priced emailing tool that delivers a range of features to engage customers and boost sales.

Check out below what are the 9 best email marketing tools.


It’s one of the best free email marketing tools with millions of users worldwide. The app allows users to share newsletters on different social networks and track customer engagements.

The platform provides tools to produce targeted emails, run Facebook ad campaigns, automate follow-ups, and supervise campaign progress, among others.

With this solution, you can collect and analyze your email responses. The service offers graphical representations of data and client interactions in different formats. It allows you to design, share, and track email newsletters from any location.

With interactive drag/drop interface, you can make and share appealing email campaigns. The built-in analytics and reporting function allow marketers to monitor client activities or generate an ad hoc report.


The tool also has a mobile-based app for both iOS and Android devices. The app works as a shortcut to reach users’ email marketing accounts, enabling you to receive campaign updates, subscribes, and stay informed about social media activity.

MailChimp caters to a wide range of businesses, from small e-commerce to huge online retails. Pricing offer includes four plans from free tier to Premium package that costs $299.00 per month.


Drip is one of the best email marketing platforms suited for businesses of all sizes across different niches such as marketing & advertising, consumer goods, and e-learning.

Core features are workflow automation, multi-channel marketing, personalized email campaigns, and customer activity reporting.

Dripbest email marketing tools

The solution has a text-based and a visual email builder for producing personalized emails for various customer groups. These groups can be defined based on segments, activities, demographics, etc.

Its website tracking enables users to track user journey and allows managers to track client loyalty by leaderboards.

Marketers can make workflows applying the predefined templates and customize them for specific campaigns.

Workflows can be shared with team members via a URL or in the form of embedded codes. The platform provides native integrations with Facebook Ads, Shopify, and more.

Drip has three pricing packages – Basic ($49/monthly), Pro ($122/monthly), and Enterprise, which price varies depending on your business needs. The solution includes customer support through live chat and an online knowledgebase.


SendinBlue is a cloud-based email marketing solution – useful for organizations of all sizes. It provides marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages functionalities within a tier.

The platform enables users to produce mobile-responsive emails employing design tools. You can also schedule and automate marketing campaigns and pre-test messages’ deliverability before sending campaigns.


The contact management feature enables importing contacts, categorizing lists, collection forms, behavioral forms, and so on.

It also includes reporting, which lets you create reports on basic statistics, like open rate and click-throughs. Other reporting functionalities involve per ISP, exporting results in Excel or PDF and heat maps.

The solution can be integrated with organizations’ sites and management tools. Its plugin is also available to be installed with other content management and e-commerce systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or Magento.

SendinBlue offers a free trial, Lite plan ($25/mo), Essential ($39/mo), Premium ($66/mo), and Enterprise (request a quote).


GetResponse is a cloud-based marketing service that permits you to connect with clients via email and create landing pages. The platform caters primarily to bloggers, marketing agencies, and small businesses.

It has an email creator that helps in drafting emails without any prior knowledge of programming. This module includes templates for sending emails and images for supporting design requirements.

Its Inbox Preview feature shows how emails appear. A/B testing allows testing the effectiveness of a campaign by optimizing components like subject line and the best time to send.

GetResponse free email marketing tools

The solution features a responsive design – the appearance of emails can change according to the device display.

The solution’s List Booster functionality can import contacts from hard disks and mail clients such as Gmail, Highrise, and Salesforce.

It also incorporates an auto-respond module, which can send customized offers and birthday emails. Support is offered through chat, email, and tutorials.

The platform includes 4 pricing packages – Basic ($15/monthly), Plus ($49/monthly), Professional ($99/monthly), and Enterprise ($1,199/monthly).


MailerLite is a cloud-based email marketing software. Main features are campaign reporting, email automation, subscriber list management, and result tracking.

The platform assists in designing email campaigns in the form of newsletters. A drag and drop editor enables designing and producing content by adding text, images, videos, and social media links.

Subscriber management functions allow creating and uploading subscriber lists in CSV, TXT, and Excel format. You can store recipient contact info such as email addresses, phone numbers, cities, and countries.


Market managers can track client’s activity, like the number of emails viewed and clicked, the number of unsubscribed recipients, spam complaints, and bounce rates.

It also helps users design workflows that can involve custom email addresses, dates, and times. The software also tracks your workflow status periodically.

Mailer lite has a free version, and four plans with prices starting from $10 per month to $50 per month, depending on the number of subscribers. Support is offered by email and 24/7 live chat.


BombBomb is an online marketing system for video emails in the cloud. It aids sales teams to connect with customers and prospects, convert leads, and get referrals by sending tracking videos through email, SMS, and social media.

The app contains social media sharing, video email, and video texting. Plus, it features tracking analytics and screen recording that helps marketers easily communicate with customers and prospects, and get insight on their response.

It also functions as a full sales platform that offers tools such as automation, mass emails, and lead capture forms.


The software is available as a native app for Android and iOS-based devices, offering the flexibility to organize and track videos on-the-go at any time.

It also improves your productivity via supporting application integration with multiple platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce.

Plus, the platform includes an Enterprise plan for $29.99 per month.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a cloud-based email marketing campaign software that provides customer relationship management and social media integration.

It allows you to reach out and engage with the recipients by automating the marketing process, from the production of custom email-based campaigns to managing and segregating mailing lists.

The solution lets marketing managers create email campaigns employing either customized or pre-defined templates.

Zoho Campaigns

The software features mass mailing to mailing lists and the tracking/reporting of email/social media marketing campaigns to enhance audience engagement.

The system also offers integration with Zoho’s CRM suite, letting marketers check the results of campaigns by logging to their CRM accounts.

You can promote campaigns on social media and make landing pages for clients on Facebook. The service includes both subscription-based and pay-as-you-go pricing packages. Support is provided by email, live chat, and live phone.

The service features 3 packages: email-based plan ($3/mo), subscriber-based plan ($5/mo), and pay by email credits package ($6/mo).


ActiveCampaign is an integrated marketing and CRM platform with a foundation in email marketing. Targeted towards SMBs, the software is built to help organizations create their contact lists, build professional emails, organize campaigns, track client behavior, and measure their marketing campaign results.

Its email marketing and marketing automation apps feature drag-and-drop email design, lead capture forms, social integration/tracking, lead segmentation, site tracking, and email campaign reporting.


While this solution integrates with several leading third-party customer relationship management systems, it also has its own SFA (sales force automation) functionalities, such as contact management, drag-and-drop deal tracking, pipeline management, and lead scoring.

It offers free customer service, like live chat and phone support, a self-help knowledge base, and complementary data migration from other solutions.

It also includes one-on-one consulting, expedited support, and free custom design services for enterprise clients.

The provider doesn’t offer pricing on its official website. For more information, please contact a vendor.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing companies in the world. It offers a range of intuitive marketing applications designed to help nonprofits and small businesses expand their client bases and strengthen relationships.

Its email marketing application enables businesses to import customer data from spreadsheets or email clients, like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Constant Contact

Email sign-up forms can be personalized and embedded on web pages or on Facebook to make new contacts and build email lists.

The platform has hundreds of customizable email templates with drag-and-drop elements and also brings real-time reporting features to track email opens, clicks, forwards, social shares, and so on.

The solution features both online and in-person seminars and training to help clients improve their marketing skills.

The solution includes a free version, Starter plan ($10/monthly), and Business package ($20/monthly).

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