Every online marketer has to admit that initial step in the SEO of any website is ON-PAGE optimization. There are many On page factors that affect search engine rankings, we will mention just some that we think are the most important, that can help your site make a difference and lead to improved position on SERP. Of course, these are loved by users and search engines as well.

So what is the anatomy of perfectly optimized page? Let us start with:

  • URL Structure – it should contain page subject or keyword you are trying to rank for, like ours for example http://organiksoft.com/on-page-seo/, as you can see on-page SEO is already in URL.
  • Meta Tags, Title and Description – these are second most important factors on webpage. Your title should have no more than 60 characters and should be unique and descriptive. Use no more than two keywords in page title. Same as with description, no longer than 160 characters relevant to the page and should contain a call to action. Keywords do not have SEO value any more so you can leave them out.
  • Alt Tags – are like title and description but for images on web page. They can give strong signals to search engines what your page is about. Should be descriptive to both users and search engines.
  • Heading Tags – use only one H1 for stronger SEO per page and never wrap images, only text. Use your best keyword.

And continue with:

  • Page Content Creation – most important factor of ON-PAGE SEO and for overall ranking. Content has to be relevant, unique and linkable. If your article on page is not sharable then what is the point? Try to create and periodically manage on-page content that will bring you traffic, new visits and potential clients. Use your main keyword or phrase but do not spam, Google Panda don’t like spammers. Use minimum 300 words, but articles from 500-700 words can do the magic, trust us. Content can be image, info graphic or video. But remember it has to make difference and give you advantage over the competitors. So be creative and create articles for users not search engines. But remember, if you need professional copywriters you can always hire Organiksoft.
  • Google Authorship – connect your articles and your Google+ profile, this will boost your content ranking and visibility even more.
  • Internal linking – use good written content to link key phrases between webpages with related topics. See how we have done it on this page. Here, you will need to pay attention not to overdo with usage of anchor text.
  • Social Network Buttons Integration – social signals are more and more important. Google will consider them even more than links. That is why implementing buttons for social sharing like Facebook likes, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+1 are so important. Now you can see why quality is the king. Write great content and allow users to share it.


Keep in mind that over optimized page can be treated as spammy. Like we said before, these are only essential on-page methods. For more advanced techniques like page loading speed, choosing SEO friendly CMS, code validation, site navigation and google friendly hierarchy, robots.txt and XML sitemap configuration, no-follow and no-index tags, localization, outbound links, references or even microdata/micro formats consult Organiksoft.

We will optimize all pages on your site according to latest SEO trends and create 100% unique, relevant content that your visitors will find interesting and worth sharing. To ask questions about on page SEO call (619) 757-9650 or write an email at marketing@organiksoft.com