SEO Report & Analytics

What’s the point of investing in SEO service without having a clear and easy to understand report that shows campaign performances? Furthermore, the report is a great tool to show not only what has been done but also what has the most substantial impacts on overall SEO endeavor?
OrganicSoft gives the opportunity to all clients to stay up to date with all information about SEO optimization they pay for. Remember, measurable results and transparency are vital pillars of OrganicSoft’s business mission.

Other digital marketing companies don’t include reporting in their services or rely on automated pre-defined templates. This or similar reports can’t help understand optimization efforts in any way since the report is the same for every client, regardless of business size, needs or other specifics.

Since we are full-service digital marketing agency, OrganicSoft web developers work hand in hand with marketers to develop a custom reporting system that is possible to tailor to client requirements.

What SEO Reporting Includes?

Once you hire OrganicSoft as your SEO agency, you’ll get access to an especially developed platform that allows you to follow key website metric and ROI performance on a monthly base.

What does this mean?

Let’s say you are focused on ROI. Do you want to know how many leads you had last month? No problem, but you want to break down data even more and see how many conversions you made with paid advertising and how many leads came through organic traffic? That’s fine too. And there is even more. All ROI data is possible to compare with the previous month.

Next, you want to know how effective our local SEO strategy is? OK, the report shows how many visitors called your phone or requested driving directions.

What about social media signals, community engagement, and brand awareness? Reports and analytics tool give an exact number of likes and followers on every social platform out there; from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter to Google+.

You want to add PayPal or Stripe report? Do it in the Notes section.

Depending on the client’s requirements our monthly internet marketing report includes:
  • Traffic analytics - paid and organic source, associated with Google Analytics
  • Keywords list & Link building – shows the number of links acquired, anchor text and landing page
  • Local search – shows the number of phone calls, visits and driving direction from Google local pack
  • Social media – include number of followers and likes for a business page on social channels
  • ROI analytics – organic, paid and overall sales data and cost per click. Figures are compared to the previous month
  • Keyword ranking – includes a full list of all keywords that have a ranking in Google US
  • Notes section – this section is reserved for client specific documents like transaction list or reports from payment gateways.
The report can include other data that are client specific which makes our reporting system rise high above the competition. It is easy to understand that our reporting and analytics portion of SEO service shows everything that we’re working for you. In a concise but information-rich report, you can easily understand, save to your computer and share. If you don’t have time to use our platform, we’ll send an email with monthly report straight to your inbox.

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