Targeted location: Valencia, Santa Clarita


This growth report is designed to showcase the significant increases in leads, traffic, rankings, and online visibility that Magic Auto Center has experienced due to partnering with OrganicSoft.

Through detailed visuals, report highlights the steady and continuous advancements in every facet of our organic search engine optimization efforts. Additionally, we go into the specifics of our monthly services, which include creating new content and optimizing existing content, local SEO (Google Maps), WordPress development, the implementation of regular backups and website maintenance, and technical SEO enhancements. We also provide monthly ROI reports complete with lead tracking to ensure transparency and measurable success.

Towards the end of the report, we offer analysis of the leads generated and the return on investment achieved through our SEO. Since August 2021, we have successfully generated a total of 4,136 organic leads that were accurately tracked.

How we achieved top Google rankings for Magic Auto Center:

  1. Light website redesign for home page and main service pages (improve user experience and visual appeal)
  2. Publishing new and relevant content (service pages and brand-related pages)
  3. Editing and optimizing old content
  4. Onsite optimization to maximize site usability (text, headings, images, and CTA elements)
  5. Google Local Listing optimization (adding services, images and posting posts)
  6. Conversion optimization for turning visitors into leads and customers
  7. Fast Amazon hosting and dedicated IP address for speed and reliability

Before SEO Campaign vs. Current Performance


Before SEO Campaign


Current Performance

aHrefs Rank (lower the better): Improved from 66.9M to 12.8M

URL rating: 4 vs. 26 (+ 550%)

Domain rating: 0.5 vs. 17 (+ 3,300%)

Backlinks: 58 vs. 1.06K (+ 1,727%)

Referring domains: 23 vs. 505 (+ 2,096%)

Organic keywords: 170 vs. 6.0K (+ 3,429%)

Organic traffic: 125 vs. 4.5K (+ 3,500%)

Traffic value (estimated value of your target’s monthly organic search traffic): $345 vs $1.1K (+ 219%)

The image below illustrates a consistent growth in organic traffic and keyword rankings over the past two years.

Organic Traffic in the Last 2 Years

Ranking Before After


Before initiating our SEO campaign, Magic Auto Center’s website only achieved first-page visibility on Google for searches directly using the business name “Magic Auto Center.” However, for all other relevant keywords, the website appeared on the second page or even lower in search results, limiting its visibility to potential customers.

Thanks to our SEO efforts, the domain currently secures a first-page ranking on Google, both in Maps and organic search results, for every keyword critical to generating business. This improvement in search engine rankings ensures that Magic Auto Center is prominently displayed and easily discoverable by users searching for related services.

“car repair Valencia” is one of the main keywords. The domain ranks first in Google Maps and organic search results.


“auto repair Valencia CA” is one of the main keywords. The domain ranks first in Google Maps and organic search results.

auto repair Valencia CA

The following list represents only a selection of keywords for which our website appears on the first page of Google search results. It’s crucial to note that for each of these keywords, we have crafted and published highly optimized pages to ensure top rankings. For instance, targeting the keyword “BMW repair Valencia CA,” we developed a dedicated page at As a result, website not only ranks for this specific keyword but also for related searches such as “BMW car repair valencia ca,” “BMW auto repair valencia ca,” “BMW car repair santa clarita,” and “BMW repair santa clarita,” among others.


car repair valencia ca

auto repair valencia ca

auto repair santa clarita

car repair santa clarita

diesel repair valencia ca (#1 Google Maps)

european car repair valencia

mercedes-benz repair valencia ca

VW repair valencia ca

porsche repair valencia ca

maserati repair valencia ca

audi repair valencia ca

mini repair valencia ca

saab repair valencia ca

volvo repair valencia ca

land rover repair valencia ca

alfa romeo repair valencia ca

japanese car repair valencia ca

honda repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results)

toyota repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results)

acura repair valencia ca (Google maps & organic results)

toyota repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results)

nissan repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results)

suzuki repair valencia ca

mitsubishi repair valencia ca (Google Maps)

subaru repair valencia ca

lexus repair valencia ca

diesel repair ranking
Service Pages 1
Service Pages 2

Service pages:

brakes repair valencia ca

transmission repair valencia ca

car ac repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results)

oil change valencia ca

engine diagnostic in valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results) + featured results

car heating and cooling valencia ca + featured results

oil change valencia ca

engine tune-up valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results) + featured results

suspension repair valencia ca (Google Maps & organic results) + featured results

steering repair valencia ca  (Google Maps & organic results) + featured results

headlights repair valencia ca  (Google Maps & organic results)

starting and charging repair valencia ca

For many keywords domain ranks with 2 URLs on Google. Home page and brand or service dedicated page. To the above listed keywords, add variations as well. For example, “BMW repair Valencia CA”, website also ranks for BMW repair Santa Clarita, BMW transmission repair Valencia, BMW suspension repair Valencia, BMW repair shop in Valencia, etc.

Organic Growth in the Past 6 Months (organic traffic +40%, backlinks +147%, referring domains +101%)

Organic Growth in the Past 6 Months

Organic Traffic by Country (US traffic 25% uplift)

Organic Traffic by Country

Monthly Service Highlights

We employ a multifaceted approach to SEO that ensures Magic Auto Center reaches and maintains a leading position in search rankings. Our strategy encompasses various activities tailored to meet the demands of search engines and the target audience’s needs. From keyword research and content creation to on-page optimization and Google Local Listing management, our efforts are designed to enhance online visibility, engage potential customers, and drive business growth. We have successfully positioned Magic Auto Center as Valencia’s leading repair shop.

Content Management

  • Strategic keyword research
  • Automotive topics research for writing blog posts that increase website authority. This one for example
  • Competitors content analysis
  • Writing new and editing existing content to ensure they meet the latest Google and Bing algorithm requirements
  • Continuous content refinement and optimization

On-Page Optimization

  • Adding relevant keywords on pages
  • Adding headings: h1, h2 and h3
  • Image optimization with relevant keywords
  • Adding call-to-action elements (buttons and form embedding)
  • Internal linking

Google Local Listing Management

  • Regular post and service updates
  • Listing maintenance and optimization for maximum local visibility
Google Local Listing Management
Google Local Listing Management

WordPress Development & Maintenance

  • WordPress updates
  • Security preventive maintenance and patches
  • Plugins updates
  • Speed optimization
  • Website full remote and local backups

Monthly Reports

At the conclusion of each month, we provide our clients with detailed reports generated from our proprietary platform:

  • Detailed web traffic analysis
  • Local SEO performance tracking (website visits, driving directions, calls and messages)
  • Monitoring ROI tracking
    • Phone call tracking from Google My Business. WE DON’T TRACK DIRECT CALLS
    • Website form submission tracking


Our lead generation strategy primarily revolves around two sources, with a distribution: 90% of our leads are phone calls originating from our Google My Business listing, while the remaining 10% are inquiries submitted through forms on our website.

It’s important to note that we exclusively track calls facilitated by Google Maps, not accounting for direct calls to our business. This means we don’t include direct calls made to our business in our tracking. Essentially, if someone calls us directly without using the Google Maps link, we don’t count that in our lead statistics.

We estimate that for every 100 calls we receive through Google Maps, an additional 50 are direct calls influenced by the website’s visibility.

Business phone number is clearly displayed in the search listing’s description. This makes it easy for customers to call Magic Auto directly, sometimes without visiting our website.

In the automotive repair industry, a cautious estimate suggests that the customer retention rate, or the percentage of customers who return for additional services, could be around 50%. This implies that out of every 100 customers who visit an auto repair shop for the first time, approximately 50 are likely to come back for future repairs or maintenance services.

Since August 2021, we have successfully generated and tracked a total of 4,136 organic leads.

This holds significant potential for sustained business growth, demonstrating the long-term value and impact of our SEO.