Is CPA Marketing the Best Conversion Maker in the Industry?

CPA marketing helps businesses and websites to grow. Read more to know about CPA advertising and how it can help beginners. We are breaking this article into subparts to understand it in a better way.

CPA Marketing

CPA (cost per acquisition, cost per action) marketing is really efficient for marketers who want to get the results without investing a lot of time into the process.

The results appear a lot faster in CPA affiliate marketing when compared to other marketing methods. It’ll save not only your precious time but also your hard-earned money, which is an additional benefit with CPA digital marketing.

The reach of this powerful marketing is extensive. Hence, you get a chance to expose your brand to a wide number of people, and doing so will enhance the probability to get more conversions.

It’s excellent for increasing the brand’s identity. With the involvement of third parties in the operation, you can get validation that your brand needs.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA is a type of affiliate marketing where advertisers pay for a specific kind of acquisition or action to be taken. Acquisitions can scope from clicks to requests for service, to filling out forms, to installs or downloads according to the details of the contract.

This sort of marketing has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and many affiliate marketers partake in this vertical without even realizing it.

CPA is an essential part of understanding ROI from advertising efforts. Primarily, cost-per-action is a measurement of how much you spend in advertising dollars to get a single lead.

what is cpa marketing

Therefore, knowing your cost per acquisition is crucial for evaluating if advertising efforts are effective, or if the cost of marketing outweighs the money brought in from new businesses that’s obtained from advertising.

Why Is It Important?

CPA allows you to control advertising costs for specific marketing objectives, as it’s designed to only charge for the ad when a selected action is completed.

With the payment for the ads being based on completed actions, it also gives you better control of tracking and maximizing the ROI across various marketing mediums.

Tracking CPA ensures that you’re investing in the most cost-effective channels and helping to gauge the success of different marketing efforts.

How Does CPA Marketing Work?

It’s a straightforward process once you figure out how it works and who’s involved.

  • Affiliate/publisher – The influencer (business, brand, blogger) that promotes a product or business to drive traffic to the e-commerce site and make a conversion;
  • Business/advertiser – The brand that wants a partnership with an affiliate to bring quality traffic to the business’ website and boost sales generate leads, or increase conversions;
  • CPA network – The platform that brings together the affiliate who wants to make money by promoting products and companies that want their products promoted.
cpa marketing for beginners

How to Calculate CPA

The formula used to calculate cost per acquisition is: CPA = Total marketing spend (month/year) divided of a Total number of customers acquired.

The more touchpoints prior to conversion are needed, the more expensive is the acquisition. To calculate your CPA for every marketing channel, use figures appropriate to that particular channel.

For example, if you spend $200 on Instagram ads and get 20 new customers, your CPA would be $10 per new acquisition for the Instagram channel only.

CPA Marketing Payment Concept

In the CPA payment concept, payment is given for deals. Typically, an amount for each lead varies. Depending on the offer, you can get from $1 to $6 per lead. For one email capture, most of the CPA agencies pay between $4 to $25.

In other competitive markets like an insurance market, for life cover offers, you’ll get $21 per lead. If there is a multi-part operation to be completed, you can expect to get paid up to $140.

The payout in CPA relies on how complex the action to be performed is.

CPA Promotion Techniques

There are various ways to promote CPA campaigns, some of which involve having your own site, some that don’t. The reality is that the cost per action advertising is really not very different than other types of marketing.

You need to take some time to consider the product that you’re promoting and where you’ll actually find a market that’s interested in either learning more or buying a product.

We’ll list a few examples of the more popular CPA promotional tactics that you may come across:

  • Review websites – These websites contain three or more products within a particular vertical, for example, Lawn Fertilizer or Weight Loss Pills. Then, they’ll give you a brief introduction to each product, a review of the product’s capability, and then usually give a star rating. Each of these products will be ranked in order, and all contain links to either a personalized landing page or directly to the trader;
  • Sales/landing page – This website is typically more of a direct sales page. It will likely introduce a lot more info on the product that it discusses. A reader will either click through to the seller there and then or at the very least, sign up to the site owners’ mailing list. Certain sales pages will actually try to do both of these methods, though it can often be beneficial to have one direct path via a landing page. Too many options can ultimately mean losing clicks;
  • Splash page – This’s usually light content with flashy graphics, peppy headlines, and copy to motivate readers to input their details or click through to the seller. Product information is generally minimal, and these kinds of pages are often reserved for products that require little explanation or are already famous;
  • Quiz – Similar to the splash page, but even more straightforward. Usually, there will be a question with two or more answers that can be clicked on through large buttons. Its only aim is to get that click-through and get it now.

Other possible methods of promoting CPA offers involve emailing a list of contacts, posting to message boards, adding links to videos on YouTube.

So, once you’ve risen the capital, you can promote your businesses through text-in adverts in magazines or regional and national TV.

What are the Benefits of CPA Marketing?

This type of advertising is very lucrative when you target the right audience (as an affiliate) and link with quality influencers (as a business).

Compared to the other eCommerce marketing channels, the cost per action formula offers many advantages, such as:

cpa advertising

1. Easy setup

It’s facile to launch – you just need a website and CPA network. It requires minimal capital upfront to use this marketing technique.

By using your website and selecting a CPA offer, you can start getting traffic from affiliate sites almost instantly.

2. Pay after the conversion

You won’t pay for CPA traffic that doesn’t convert. If an affiliate’s referrals continually offer low-rate conversions – modify your affiliates, and move your focus to a more successful influencer.

3. Low risk

Since no payment is made to the publisher unless a referred visitor converts to a customer or completes a particular task, the risk is low for e-commerce companies.

4. Great ROI

Affiliate marketing generates 15% of all online marketing. Also, the customers spend more money when making a purchase of an affiliate’s recommendation.

It means this type of marketing campaign drives higher quality traffic and provides a better value than most traffic sources.

5. Expand brand awareness

It delivers you scale and distribution. Whether your brand is electronics, fashion, beauty, home, and garden, or almost anything else, most business niches use CPA marketing.

Today, beauty influencers, bloggers, and media sites have the tools to promote anything easily, receive a 10% commission on all sales, and augment their affiliate marketing reach.

Ergo, spread your brand awareness by grasping the affiliate’s audience – an audience you may have never otherwise reached.

CPA Networks

Even though the significant affiliate networks include some CPA offers, CPA networks specialize in cost-per-action campaigns. There are hundreds of such platforms, and much more are emerging out every day.

Top CPA networks are:

Reputable CPA advertising networks will continue to improve transparency and offer the data-driven information that customers demand.

CPA Verticals

Not every vertical out there is a good one; not every niche can earn you a high income. Hence, you have to find a vertical that isn’t only profitable but one that you excel at.

Here’s a list of the most profitable CPA verticals:

  • Mobile apps;
  • Finance;
  • Jobs;
  • Software;
  • Insurance;
  • Gaming;
  • Weight loss;
  • Dating;
  • Business opportunity;
  • Housing.
CPA networks

Cost Per Action Marketing Tips

CPA affiliate marketing is very important in the modern business environment. So, you must invest the time to nurture a relationship with your affiliates to make a strong conversion funnel to keep boosting your conversion rates.

To achieve the best results through your cost per acquisition marketing strategy, try these tips.

Hire an affiliate manager

To get the most out of the CPA marketing endeavors, you need a dedicated in-house resource – a person who is able to recruit new CPA affiliates, engage with business owners, send them new promotions, and bring consistent revenue for your website.

Affiliate managers can deliver help for affiliates by performing the following operations:

  • Review affiliate gives insight into strategic changes;
  • Provide insight on what kinds of affiliate links or ads to use to optimize conversion;
  • Give tips on content that will effectively promote the trader’s products;
  • Send product updates to CPA affiliates;
  • Offer commission bonuses and incentives for high-performing CPA affiliates.

They can also provide help for advertisers by taking the following actions:

  • Connect you with and recruit the leading affiliates in your niche;
  • Brainstorm new promotional ideas for specific products;
  • Send consistent product updates and brand messages to the CPA network;
  • Negotiate contracts with affiliates, monitor ROI, and compare your affiliate method to others to stay competitive;
  • Lead you with creatives that partner well with the top affiliate programs and websites;
  • Deal with taxes and accounting.

Avoid CPA networks with bad reviews

The downside to CPA marketing is the questionable networks that have fishy practices. Before you start with any CPA marketing network, read the reviews.

Bear in mind that no network will have a 100% satisfaction rating, so one or two complaints shouldn’t scare you off.

The most typical negative reviews topics are:

  • Lack of payment (even highly reputable CPA marketing networks may withhold payment for some reasons, so review the network’s policies before signing on);
  • Unhelpful affiliate manager;
  • Difficulty during signing up to a network or using the platform.

Use native advertising.

Native ads, or those that resemble your site’s layout, theme, and color, are among the marketing trends to watch in 2020.

  • Non-social native spending will grow more than 80% this year to $8.70 billion;
  • 76% of all mobile display ad bucks will be spent on native placements;
  • Many studies claim that U.S. native advertising will make up nearly 65% of display spending in 2020.

Incorporating your advertising into a high-quality web design will drive more conversions, as native ads bring three times more visual focus than banner ads.

Stay Updated

In CPA marketing, things are moving quickly, and competition is high. So, you have to move fast too. Stay up-to-date with the necessary info and tools. Learning is also a pivotal part of CPA marketing,

Join a CPA marketing forum like, CPA Elites, Warrior Forum, etc. to share/get experience, knowledge, and advice.

There are many challenges that you can face when choosing the right market for CPA, and all of these are paramount to quality performances. Therefore, if you successfully tackle each niche, your project will have a good end, and you’ll have run your project efficiently.

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