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13 Game-Changing Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Get More Patients

Most chiropractors would like to know the answer to the question, how to get more patients?

The truth is that chiropractors often forget about the most efficient marketing strategies that include social media and Internet advertising. Such approaches have already helped many practitioners attract more patients and develop their business, bringing long-term results.

To help your office become more visible, we have prepared a list of 10 ultimate chiropractic marketing strategies that will help you grow your business, enhance your reputation, and get more clients.

Note that some of the aspects require the assistance of an SEO firm that will complete the tasks you may find challenging and help you focus on your business entirely.

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Establishing a long-lasting online presence is a demanding process, which doesn't consist of creating a website only, but it requires you to complete some steps that are an inevitable part of it.

To ensure your place on the first search engine results page, you need to optimize your website, and content with adequate keywords, images, videos, reviews, and other details about your business that could help Google, Yahoo, or Bing recognize your site as a valuable one.

The entire process of search engine optimization (SEO) requires some time to bring long-lasting results, which means that you need to be patient and persistent. However, you should know that SEO is focused on both search engines and users, which is why you should create content that’s convenient for each party.

To get the best outcomes, you need to focus both on on-page SEO and off-page SEO, which are critical for achieving your chiropractic marketing goals and placing your site on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

2. Get Mobile-Friendly

When your website runs seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, you are more likely to be noted by your prospective patients, who prefer searching for local businesses using their smartphones or tablets.

When your site fails to load or loads too slowly on mobile devices, neither users nor Google will show interest in you. Therefore, make sure your chiropractic webpages are available on every device to provide the best user experience and let Google rank you higher.

3. Consider Google My Business as One of the Most Efficient Chiro Marketing Ideas

When you want to spread your business at the local level, you should consider local SEO strategies that will help you attract patients from your city, county, or neighborhood.

One such strategy includes Google My Business. GMB is a free and useful tool that brings a lot of benefits to chiropractors that want to stand out from the crowd and engage with their clients much easier.

Google My Business allows your potential clients to reach you immediately, which means that they'll be able to call you, text you, or email you right from the result that appears on the search engine results page.

To make that possible, you should provide as much information about your business as you can. Such information includes:

  • Business category
  • Business description
  • Business name
  • Location and directions
  • Phone number
  • Photos
  • Rating
  • A virtual 360-degree tour of your office
  • Website
  • Working hours
The more the details you deliver, the higher will be the chance to get better rankings. Have a look at the following example of chiropractor offices that have Google My Business:
Apart from delivering vital information about your business and saving your prospective clients' time searching for them, GMB puts your office on Google Maps and helps it become more visible.

4. Take Advantage of Yelp and Google Reviews to Boost Your Local SEO Practices

Patients will do one thing before booking an appointment at your office – check reviews.

Although most chiropractors feel a dose of fear when reading their clients’ comments about the experience with their services, you should know that such comments play a significant role in chiro marketing.

To provide your clients with the opportunity to leave their public feedback, claim your Yelp page, and check reviews regularly. You should know that it’s essential to respond to both positive and negative comments.

When it comes to positive comments, make sure you express your gratitude and invite the patient to visit your office again. Negative reviews, on the other hand, require more of your attention. Namely, you’re advised to reach out to the dissatisfied patient directly, offering them the solution that would change their opinion; you may offer them some discounts, free treatment, or anything else, but avoid being rude or impolite no matter how frustrated you might be.

Reviews left on both Google and Yelp impact your local SEO practices and help your business appear on maps. You're encouraged to ask your satisfied clients to write a couple of kind words about your office and recommend you to their friends and family.

5. Compose Relevant and Highly-Valuable Written Content

You should devote some time to creating compelling and relevant blogs and articles if you want to get the best organic (non-paid) results.

Blogging is one of the best ways of increasing your website traffic. To start developing your content ideas, do comprehensive keyword research, and see what chiropractic-related terms people tend to search.

You can later write articles based on your results, and they may be organized in some of the following “models:”

  • Lists10 Common Types of Chiropractic Treatments
  • Tips15 Chiropractor-Approved Tips on How to Ease Back Pain
  • “How to” articlesHow to Crack Your Back Without a Chiropractor?
  • FAQ pagesAre Chiropractic Adjustments Safe? Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? What to Expect from Chiropractic Adjustments?



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6. Promote Your Chiropractor Services Via Social Media

Social media is not only the place where people can meet, communicate and post images, but it's also a spot where business owners promote their services and engage with potential clients.

The most commonly used platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, and you’re advised to take advantage of them to increase the efficiency of your chiropractic marketing plan.

Social media is an excellent way to promote your brand awareness and reach out to people who might benefit from your practice. You can accomplish that by posting compelling images, videos, articles, and similar content that’s relevant to your business.

Apart from connecting with your potential patients, you can use social media to connect with other professionals from your branch, especially by using LinkedIn. It can also be the start of a successful chiropractic journey and improvement of chiropractic online marketing results.

7. Use Social Media for Creating Chiropractic Ads

One of the major benefits of social media lies in the ability to create targeted and cost-effective ads. Almost every platform offers you the option of creating ads, but Facebook is still considered the best in the league.

Facebook ads for chiropractic are the holy grail of Internet advertising, mainly because they allow you to do the following:

  • Select your audience
  • Choose where to run your ad (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or specific mobile devices)
  • Set your budget
  • Choose ad format (image, video, multi-image)
  • And more.

8. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Ads to Improve Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of Internet marketing where advertisers pay a certain fee anytime someone clicks on their ads. PPC is used for driving traffic to your website, and it’s convenient when you can’t get the visits organically.

The most popular PPC advertising system in the world is Google Ads, which allows you to create ads that will appear on Google's search engine and other Google properties. If you want to pay less for the ad, make sure you create relevant, well-targeted, and high-quality PPC campaigns.

Here is how Google's paid ads look like on the search engine results page:

9. Experience the Benefits of Chiropractic Email Marketing

Although people usually consider it outdated, email marketing actually has a lot to offer.

Email is a cost-effective way of reaching new leads and maintaining contact with existing patients. You can use email to send newsletters, information about discounts, holiday cards, news about your business, and more.

You can always take advantage of email marketing tools, which allow you to create engaging newsletters, drive more conversions, increase website traffic, reach people on any device, etc. However, make sure you don't send too many emails – it can make people unsubscribe from the mailing list and make you lose your valuable contacts.

10. Post Catchy Visual Content with Powerful Message

Both your website and social media profiles should be enriched with captivating and high-quality visuals. They will help you get a higher response rate and generate more leads.

Visual content is something that Internet users love to see, primarily because it provides them with a more comprehensive image of your office. Chiropractors are advised to focus on both photos and infographics, which are critical for saving people’s time on reading long posts and finding necessary information much faster.

11. Record Videos and Embed Them to Your Website

Video advertising has proven its efficacy in the healthcare industry, especially in the branch of chiropractic. Videos can help you make a strong first impression, show the value that you offer, introduce your potential patients to necessary procedures, get patients’ testimonials, and provide a strong CTA (call-to-action).

Topics of your videos can be different – you can add one where you talk about your office and treatments, one that’s dedicated to the benefits of your business, existing clients’ testimonials, or any other that may help your clients get to know you better.

12. Implement YouTube for Chiropractic Advertising

YouTube marketing has developed its abilities and brought a wide range of benefits to chiropractors that want to show their business in the best light.

YouTube counts about 2 billion users monthly – therefore, you shouldn't miss the chance to present your office such a platform. Create YouTube brand account and start posting instructional or testimonial videos regarding your practice – you can promote them in various ways:

  • Use social media (share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or add a video link to your Instagram profile bio.)
  • Embed videos to your website or blog posts
  • Share video content with people from your mailing list
  • Respond to viewers’ comments, answer their questions, and thank them for watching your content.

The truth is that not so many chiropractors use YouTube for marketing, and you need to take advantage of such a situation. Have a look at the following example of the chiropractor who has succeeded on YouTube:
We can see that this guy has a significant amount of subscribers and that his videos can reach more than 20K views in 7 hours. Such a result comes from the consistent posting of relevant and high-quality video content that's worth being seen by people.

13. Host Open Houses and Invite People to Join

Scheduling open houses is a chiropractic marketing strategy that combines the ideas of both traditional and digital advertising methods.

Open houses can help you gather people who’re interested in chiropractic and who’d like to learn more about it. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation and invite a guest speaker who’ll be glad to share her knowledge about the discipline and tell people about numerous advantages of chiropractic.

So, what’s the role of digital marketing here?

Digital marketing can help you promote your Open House and get more people to come. You can use Facebook to create an event and share it with your followers, or you can make a newsletter and email it to your contacts. Or you can do both.

You can go live during the event, which is another activity social media can make it possible. All the photos taken during the event can be used for optimizing your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as your website.

You’re also advised to offer food, organize giveaways, and encourage patients to talk about their experience with back pain and to tell how your practice changed their lives.

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