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20 Powerful Strategies That Will Catapult Your Fitness Marketing

There are tons of ways that you can market your gym, especially in the digitally connected world we live in. Fitness marketing envelops a lot of effective and engaging campaigns you could run.

Choosing the proper marketing strategy for your gym is a pack of measuring and testing what works and what doesn't. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. You may find that your health club is suited to a specific type of marketing. You may also find that your personal skillset makes one sort of advertising more potent than the others.

The goal of this article isn't to persuade you of which strategy is best, it's to provide you the facts so you can identify gym marketing strategies that are right for you and your business.

1. User-friendly website

A website is the prime focus of your business, both on mobile and desktops. Most prospective customers will get their first impression of your fitness studio by visiting your site. Make sure it’s an amazing one. There’s also where conversion takes place, which means that your content convinces someone to call, fill out a form, or drop by. Today, business-level website development isn’t as expensive or time-consuming as it used to be. There’s no reason to be losing business thanks to staled website design.

2. Gym SEO

Google is the place where 99% of people go when they want to find something out or buy something new. SEO (search engine optimization) is the operation of making your website outplay the competition in search engines for target fitness keywords, such as “gyms in LA” or “local fitness centers.”

It's a blend of technical (page load speeds, meta descriptions, and UX are on-point) and creative (great content that attracts coverage and links). It doesn't have an impact overnight, but over time, the effort you invest in optimizing your site for the right search terms will pay for itself and more

3. Google My Business

The ultimate goal of registering with Google My Business is that your key information (address, hours, phone number, reviews) will pop up right away when someone enters your gym name into the search engine. The other advantage of this that you’ll get listed in the local pack when someone types in something like “Gym classes.” A pack is the index of local businesses that appear on top of #1 page of search results when you type a query for a local business into the search engine.

4. Collect reviews

The next move after GMB registration is to be sure you have several good Google reviews for your health club. Reviews are quite important as they can influence the perception of your business immediately. Statistics say that nearly 6 out of 10 customers look to Google My Business for reviews on a local business.

5. Citations in online directories

Citations in online directories are a powerful ranking factor in local search listings. The more citations your fitness studio have, and the more consistent the business’ name, address, and phone number is across these listings, the higher the gym listing will appear in local search.

It’s also of vital importance to remove any duplicate listings of your business when you come across them since duplicate citations hurt local search rankings. The most common local listing sites are Yelp, TripAdvisor, YP, and Facebook.



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6. Content marketing

Posting high-quality content regularly can bring in more traffic to your site and make you an authority on the topics of fitness and health. Put it this way, proper content management can be one of the leading gym marketing ideas to generate more clients.

Before publishing, list out all the topics in fitness and general wellness that you’re expert in. Then write short pieces of content around each topic. A smart idea is to get at least 10 pieces together before you start. Then go posting, so there’s no lag in posts and gives you time to write more.

Once you have merged together with a resource of quality written and visual content - now you can use, reuse, and spread it across all your platforms. A great place to start is two blog posts a month and then build up from there.

7. Links

To reach top Google rankings, you must get inbound links from authoritative, credible websites. Therefore, build online/offline relationships with complementary businesses, including health food stores, and then ask to trade links.

8. Blogging

Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone’s a Jessi Kneeland. Using a blog as a way to market your fitness studio can reap huge reputational merits and deliver new business, but you need a strategy, and you have to be dedicated to creating original content on a regular basis. An authoritative and well-written blog can have lasting value, from improving your reputation to enhancing your performance on Google.

9. Be mobile

For the majority of gyms, the way that they communicate with their target audience will be via mobile devices. A recent study found that the hours outside a typical working day smartphone was the primary device folks used, and it’s during these hours you’re more likely to engage them. Therefore, talk with your web developer to ensure your website is optimized for mobile.

10. Video marketing

Now is the time to use uber-popular video marketing for your fitness club. The point is to be consistent and use video to add value for your audience, as well as master-quality video production. Be sure to use live platforms, live testimonials, and sharing your life behind the training bench to build trust with your members.

You can also embed video into your blogs, which you can send to your email list. Be relevant, funny, and deliver your audience a specific action at the end of the gym advertising.

11. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best players in social media marketing for business and can be vital for boosting your membership. It has more than one billion monthly active users, half of whom are active daily. This social network is an essential part of your gym marketing plan, regardless of whether you're a small gym or a large chain. Instagram marketing is a super cost-effective strategy that will let you to not only gain new members but also to keep existing customers engaged.

12. Facebook

Facebook has 2.45 billion active users. Also, this social network has a marketing platform to help you access some of those people. Facebook marketing comes in the form of sponsored posts, adverts, pictures, videos, and so on.

FB, like most other platforms, lets you set your budget, target audience, and track your results. The average CPC on a Facebook ad in the gym and fitness club industry is $1.09, and FB has the highest conversion rate of any social media eCommerce platform.

13. YouTube

YouTube has 2 billion users, and YouTube advertising is very similar to PPC on Google (which owns YT), but you only bid to advertise on video content. You have some level of choice over where your advert appears and which form of content it appears next to, but you can’t choose specific videos to advertise alongside. You only get to select user interest, demographics, age group, and location.

14. Email marketing

Every person that comes for a free trial, enquires at the desk, reads your blog, or calls you for more information should be on your email list. Most email marketing software allows you segment addresses, so you can target them based on how the location, age, the likelihood of converting, and other elements. Email marketing should bring in value as well as promote your service benefits. Sending out nutrition plans, free training advice, and equipment reviews rather than telling folks about your latest offer will result in a better perception of you as a brand. Therefore, when those people ready to join a fitness club or gym, they’ll consider you first.

15. Manage your online community

The critical factor of growing your online presence is by engaging with your followers. So, you need to monitor your social media feeds daily to answer any queries related to your studio. While quick responses to questions are a superb strategy to keep your following at a good level, if you want to build up your presence online, you have to reach out and ask questions of your followers to give your opinion on topics of interest. Stir feedback and shares on the blogs you post to your social channels.

16. Influencers

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have produced a new class of celebrity - the influencer. These celebs may not be on magazine covers or on prime TV, but they "own" millions of dedicated followers, impatient to check out their next update. The good news is - this approach is perfectly suited to this industry. One mention or tweet of your gym promotions or your studio from the famous fitness marketer could be all it takes to catapult your business.

17. PPC

These ads run through auction-based systems such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The core advantage of the pay per click campaign is that your health and fitness advertisements show in the top positions (reserved for paid ads) and that you can manage the landing page and ad copy. For instance, you might want to run an advertisement for your summer training sessions. Your ad, plus the page it goes to on your site, can fit that offer.

18. Referral programs

There are two main benefits to running a referral program for your studio or gym. Firstly, you reach prospective clients who, despite your best efforts, haven’t seen any of your fitness marketing ideas that success. Plus, these potential customers are more likely to trust a friend over just another campaign by a health studio.

Secondly, as well as being an efficient strategy of lead generation, referral programs can be a great gym membership retention tactic. If a member is resistant to recommend your gym to a friend, then there may be an underlying issue with your studio. So, use this as a chance to intervene early and “stop” him/her from churning.

19. Event marketing

Recent studies show that 73% of event attendees have a more favorable opinion of a brand after attending an event related to it. Events are an excellent way of presenting your gym to potential clients who may be anxious about attending a gym class. With this form of advertising, you can introduce the instructors and other members in a relaxed environment. It’ll make their first class as a much better experience.

The key benefit of events is that you meet attendees personally. Nothing outstrips an in-person encounter for building up trust. At times this can be more effective than building up trust online. It’s no surprise that 78% of US marketers generate sales through event marketing.

20. Corporate clients

One excellent strategy to grow your brand and gain consistent clients is special offers for different companies. Start by finding organizations that want to offer training and health sessions as a freebie for their employees. It means that the company is paying for the sessions, giving the individual members a strong incentive to partake. As you work with corporate employees, make additional offers for those who might want to expand their fitness programs.

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