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15 Multifaceted Plumber Marketing Strategies

Do you know what the best way to grow your plumbing business is? The answer is simple — plumber marketing. The keyword "plumber" is typed into an online search almost 88.000 times every month in the USA. That equates to 1 million searches for a plumber every single year.

But how can you take a slice of that pie? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. We’ll present you 15 best plumber advertising ideas to fill your piggy bank.

1. Make a website with a clear call to action

You often see websites where the phone number is below the fold of the site. It means that the visitor has to scroll down in order to see the phone number or contact the plumber.

Ensure that you have a phone number at the very top of the website. Perfectly, it should be clickable so that mobile users can quickly call you with one click. Some folks will prefer to email you. You should offer a contact form that collects their email and phone number, letting you call them back quickly.

Ultimately, your USP (unique selling proposition) should be provided in clear, bold letters, making it easy to understand why people should come to you instead of the competition. What makes you different? Is it the level of experience? The quality of customer service? Be sure your costumers know why your business is the best.

2. Build a page for every issue you solve

Single-page websites are history. Both Google and your clients want to see a site that exhibits authority and dept in the niche.

One of the best tips to use is creating a page for every service you provide and every problem you solve. For instance, you might submit a video inspection service of the client's sewer system. That deserves a page. You also need a page for "backed-up sewers."

Why? Because some users might be searching for a video inspection service, and others might be searching for how to solve an issue. You’ll need a page for each. This marketing technique not only aids you better match your customer’s intent but also helps you optimize your website for plumbing-related keywords.

Always try to provide at least 500 words of valuable content on each page and show your business as the ultimate, best option to your customer’s needs.

3. Apply Plumber SEO Optimization

SEOor search engine optimization is incorporating various content and technical strategies, which absolutely improves your overall presence on the web and makes you visible and accessible to your leads.

Here is how search engine optimization can help you.

  • Improves your online visibility - SEO utilizes relevant keyword phrases to enhance your online presence and make it easier for new clients to discover you;
  • Enhances your website’s functionality — A plumbing SEO campaign increases the usability and attractiveness of your site.
  • Increases your website’s ranking — It’ll help you to rank higher on the SERP - websites high on the SERP to get more visitors.
  • Help customers more easily find you –When users search for “plumber near me” or “plumber in,” your business will come up.

4. Leverage On-page SEO

On-page SEO uses keywords, site structure, and site speed to create an excellent experience for your viewers. People are more likely to visit the website and stay there if every part of your site is mobile optimized. A well-optimized website is necessary for search engines too, and what is right for search engines and users is excellent for you also.

These are the crucial factors in on-site SEO.

  • Select the right plumber/plumbing keywords — Keywords with high search volumes will get your business noticed by the search engine spiders. Your content needs to have keyword phrases that refer to actual, active users;
  • Optimize site structure — A proper website structure means that users should be able to navigate throughout your website without getting lost. Viewers should find the information that they seek with little effort;
  • Build custom content — Again, your site should stand out to the search engine by publishing relevant content and keeping it updated reliably. The search engine will tick off this too and put you on the map;
  • Add Google Analytics — Google Analytics account is free, and it's a great way to monitor the site traffic, bounce rate, and other valuable statistics for gauging customer satisfaction;
  • Minimize website load speed — You must have an efficient and fast website to keep your visitors interested. If a page needs more than a few seconds to load, people lose interest;
  • Increase website security — A secure site is pivotal to protect the privacy of your business and of your users. Hackers can disrupt your site and make it difficult or impossible to navigate. Adequate security protocols can prevent this scenario.

5. Utilize Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the work that is done off your site to improves its rank and authority. It can help to boost your website’s credibility and visibility to potential new customers.

These are the main aspects of off-page SEO:
  • Build a high-quality link network — Reach out to relevant companies to link to your content so that your website and its pages will be established as credible and authoritative sources on the topics about plumbing. This will help to elevate your SERP ranking;
  • List your business in the appropriate directories — There are myriad small business directories, but your company should be listed with the most relevant, the directories that will present your business to clients looking for your services;
  • Clean the website link profile — If your site is suffering from 404s or dead links, cleaning the link profile ensures that the proper links stay in place, while the wrong hyperlinks are replaced with relevant ones or redirected to the correct URLs.

6. Move into the Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the largest revenue drivers for local plumbers. Ensure to set up a local Google My Business profile with multiple photos and accurate descriptions. Also, do the same for Apple and Bing Maps. While the client won't be coming to your location, these geographic data points make all the difference in configuring your business locally.

Once you get the maps set up, make a point of asking every customer to review your business. Reviews are everything in the online planet, and you want as many positive ones as you can possibly get. However, you won’t appear at the top of the maps automatically, so you need to set up these listings to have a chance.

7. Email marketing still runs

With a good plan, your email marketing can be extremely productive in generating new business. The audience has already opted-in to receive your content. They’ve shown interest in your plumbing services, so give them what they need! Sending a regular email newsletter is a cost-efficient method to ensure your company is continuously in the minds of your clients—which is right where you want to be.

Not only can monthly email newsletters with useful tips and info build your authority in the plumbing niche, but they can also help drive more traffic to your site and generate leads! The more leads you "cake," the more sales you make.

8. Use Social media channels

70 percent of consumers expect a company to have a social media presence, and the average social media consumer spends more than 3 hours on social media sites per day. Social media is used in virtually every business nowadays and is an impactful way to keep your clients interested.

Try to acquire more leads with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Also, you can incorporate YouTube into just about every aspect of your business. From tutorials to product reviews, your unique YT channel can be just as effective as implementing SEO plumbing strategies.



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9. Implement PPC advertising

Pay per click marketing (PPC) lets plumbers anywhere to automatically be found on the first page of Google, delivering fast results in the process. The two biggest benefits of this advertising are controlled visibility and relevance. Google only puts your ad or message in front of users actively searching for your services.

There're different types of PPC ads. If you want affordable advertising for plumbers, you should take advantage of Google's Local Services ad program. These ads are pay-per-lead (you only pay when someone calls you) and come up at the very top of the SERP.

10. Establish business directory profiles

Business directory servers, such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Yellow Pages, provide varying levels of success for small companies when it comes to lead generation. Still, in your local market, these business pages may rank highly on the first page of Google.

Therefore, it's recommended to set up free business accounts on these crowd-sourced review forums. If the local TV or radio stations offer any free directories, it makes sense to list your business there too. These local directories aren't going to send you many customers, but they help create those local relevance indicators.

11. Join your chamber of commerce

This's another relevancy signal that sets your business up as a leading local company. Most small pluming contractors won't take the step of investing in the local chamber. By doing this, you're setting your website apart and giving it a significant advantage.

12. Make the customers your brand ambassadors

Ask your current satisfied clients to share their stories on the social media profiles and recommend you to their followers and friends. Adding an inducement will provide extra motivation for them to do just this – a goof discount, a freebie, etc.

Since social media users tap into their personal network for referrals and recommendations, getting business ambassadors on board can bring in solid leads.

13. Business cards are still here

Even though they can also be categorized as traditional plumbing advertising, these cards stay a worthwhile venture for plumbers, due to its cheapness. The investment in these paper-thin promotional materials is quite small that any benefit at all would make them worth it. There's also a degree of inter-personality that business cards can bring in.

After completing a service for a client, leaving customers with a card that lists your business information and a reminder to review your service on Facebook or Google can increase callbacks, customer retention, and of course, reviews.

So, while business cards are unlikely to lead customers, they can help in retaining and maximizing the ones that are compiled through digital marketing techniques, such as SEO.

14. Truck wraps may be useful

Draping your vehicle in a sized-fit and mobile promotional sticker is a great advertising idea. Although it’s certainly a type of outbound marketing and isn’t trackable in the manner that social media marketing or SEO is, it can still provide ROI to plumbing contractors.

The car or truck wrap can show your company logo, contact information, website URL, and whatever else you want to promote. Again, it can be a worthwhile investment since it is a one-time cost with a lifetime of opportunity to return. There’s no fixed fee, and it can brand your business.

15. Social and local investment

Our SEO gurus noticed that websites that invest in their local communities tend to perform better in the SERPs. The local presence converts directly into better online visibility. One of the best things you should do is invest in local sports teams or the arts, where the campaign will provide you online exposure.

Therefore, the next time the Little League team comes to you, ask them if your business will be featured on their site. If they can make that happen, it’ll probably be worth your investment.

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