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20 Rock-Solid Realtor Marketing Ideas

The ideal real estate advertising ideas depend on your market, company, and various business strategies. Still, boosting your web presence, sharing videos, and creating SEO content are generally efficient tools for marketing your firm.

We've compiled a list of 20 fantastic realtor online marketing ideas to generate leads, turn visitors them into paying clients and help people sell and buy homes.

1. Make a Professional Website

There’s a big difference between a regular website and a professional one. For agents and agencies, this’s more important now than ever. When building the business website, concentrate on both aesthetics and functionality.

Make sure that your address things such as the overall speed of the site, ease of navigation, quality of the content, sharpness of the pictures, etc. Don’t overwhelm visitors with ads all over the place, and make a web site that users want to continue to check back on with fresh content and properties, this’s more important today than ever.

2. Start a Blog

You can opt to start a blogin the real estate niche and deliver significant amounts of quality content in an effort to develop a platform or an audience over time. Still, if you’re in this sector, you should start blogging right away.

Build a useful blog about real estate and post in there often. Provide enormous amounts of value regularly and watch as your readers’ number increases.

Design infographics about mortgage rates or home prices or anything else you can find helpful. Integrate videos and other media and begin sharing it everywhere you possibly can. This’s one of the best methods to build an audience to market real estate.

3. Build a Content Marketing Network

Content marketing is an excellent way to draw in visitors to your blog and website. To do this, you need to pinpoint external sites where you can market your content. It includes building useful and relevant content on popular authority websites, which link back to similar, but exclusive, fruitful, and relevant content on your site.

Shortly, you should leverage sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, and others to market your content. Anyway, you’ll first need anchor content or content that’s built on your website to attract visitors. That’s one of the core premises behind content marketing for real estate agents.

4. Use a Lead Generation Tool

One handy tool for realtor marketing is to produce a lead generation page. It'll help you with your email marketing efforts down the road.

So, what's a useful lead generation tool? You can create a home assessment tool or some other tool to help in real estate promotion. When the form is finalized, you can ask to email the results to the user. Any kind of real estate tool that would be helpful to potential buyers or sellers would work here, along with sendable results after the visitor completes the form.

5. Create Google My Business Page

Google My Business lets you manage and control how your real estate agency appears in Google Search and Maps listings. Filling your NAP (name, address, phone number) profile completely helps you show up properly in Google’s 3-pack map listing:

The reason you want your business to show up in the 3-pack is that searchers pay attention to the visual aspect of the:

  • Map;
  • Ratings;
  • Prominent website and directions links;
  • The Call button on smartphones.
Note - Getting your site listed in this top 3 listing area improves your chances to attract quality local leads.

6. Write Reviews on Yelp

Yelp is a fantastic resource for building up your reviews as a real estate agent or an agency. Ask for reviews on a Yelp by integrating your Yelp profile into your email signature and also onto your site. Once you've done a successful transaction, ask those sellers or buyers to post their feedback about the exchange on this platform.

As you build up the reviews on Yelp, you'll boost your business. Make sure to provide a lot of value and always take care of your clients, and you'll create a great Yelp profile.

7. Create a Zillow Profile

With over 158 million monthly viewers, Zillow allows getting your business in front of thousands of new clients. This Zillow’s resource lists the steps to set up your profile. Your profile lets you share your listings with a broad audience and connect with prospective clients, enhancing the possibility of gaining a new buyer.

8. Run Paid Instagram Promotions

Instagram is another way to get in touch with clients, promote your listings, and boost your brand. Therefore, your most beautiful pictures can reach even more folks with a paid promotion. Instagram ads allow you to choose a target audience, budget, post type (video, image, etc.), and length of your promotion. Plus, you can use targeted hashtags to ensure posts are presented to the audience you want to reach.

9. Apply Email Marketing Campaigns

By leveraging a popular email marketing system such as Constant Contact and also installing Sleeknote, you’ll establish a method to collect email addresses and market to those users.

Sleeknote will let you create landing pages that will be enticing for people, so you can use it to collect email addresses that you’ll eventually market via Constant Contact.

It has to be done the right way, and you have to attract the right people first. Use your email campaigns to deliver lots of value consistently over time and watch as the results ratchet up promptly.

10. Be Mobile Friendly

Tech-savvy people spend a lot of time on their smart devices. In fact, a recent study has shown that 80% of consumers use their gadgets for web activity. It’s pivotal that you have a mobile-friendly website. Even better, consider creating a mobile app that prospective buyers can use to review listings.

11. Conduct a Virtual Tour

The client’s time is valuable, and they want to understand as much as possible about a property. Virtual tours are a nifty way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers. This strategy for real estate agency marketing will really give a better clue to the potential buyers and to allow them to understand how space really looks.

12. Host a Webinar

If you feel comfy enough, hosting a webinar can be an excellent way to grab attention for your business. For example, host a “Top 10 Realtor Tricks for Selling New House” webinar, providing a Q&A at the end for questions. An online seminar can also be repurposed as a YouTube video, which can serve as valuable video content that will live permanently on your web address.



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13. Become an Expert

When you're an expert, you'll command authority. You won't have to sell; you'll simply be drawing buyers to you. It clearly doesn't happen overnight, or it happens easily, but it does happen over time.

As we said a million times, be sure to share lots of great content and that you set yourself up as a specialist. Always investigate and learn, then share those pieces of information with the audience through social media channels or blog. Eventually, folks will look to your advice, and you'll entice more buyers and sellers that way.

14. Build a Facebook Page

Facebook is the largest resource with the biggest number of users that you can target online. Making a Facebook Business Page, then advertising that business with this platform is a useful way to marketing your real estate online.

Once you've created your Facebook Page, ensure that you're active and that you continuously add a great deal of value in every post. Don't spam your "friends" by trying to pitch them at every turn. Do things with tact, decency, and serenity if you want to succeed in business in the long term.

15. Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

Who are the social media influencers in the real estate market that you could reach out to? There are plenty in the luxury field, and there are plenty in the purely real estate niche also. Your mission is to search for the right influencers on the proper platforms that you could collaborate with.

If you start with a small budget, this is a great way to market your real estate since you can get in front of hundreds of thousands or millions of potential users without having to wait years to build up a high profile. Still, be careful to vet the influencers well and make sure that their followers are legitimate.

16. Set Up Schema

Schema enables you to markup elements on your website in a way that helps Google understand what the data means. By schema markups, you gain the ability to tell Big G how to present your information attractively. For instance, take a look at how you can list your upcoming sales directly in the search results. Also check the quality of leadflow that results from this real estate marketing technique.

17. Apply Keyword Research

A good realtor marketing plan should involve a comprehensive strategy for taking advantage of keyword searches used by future site visitors. There’re three main types of real estate keywords to research and use:

  • Primary (ex, waterfront houses);
  • Secondary (ex, San Diego real estate);
  • Long-tail (ex, tips for selling real estate in Chula Vista);

These keywords are further segmented in terms of:

  • Buyer intent (realtor near me, San Diego houses for sale, etc.);
  • type of sale (foreclosure vs. luxury);
  • Property type (condo vs. house);
  • Location (lake vs. oceanfront);
  • Information gathering phase (house buying tips, do I need a realtor, etc.).

So, you want to attract qualified clients looking to buy now. Don’t underestimate the power of drawing site leads who are in the information-gathering phase. Warm these clients up, get them to trust you, and then benefit when they decide now is the time to buy their next piece of real estate.

18. Join a Twitter Discussion

Twitter is a nice platform to engage with other professionals or leads. Follow significant real estate–related topics by searching relevant hashtags and pose questions or offer thoughts.

You can also host your Twitter chat, in which case you’ll need to advertise it to your leads through email and social media, letting them know how to engage with you during that time to get their questions answered.

19. Use Google Ads

One of the most-effective marketing methods to generate new clients is Google Ads remarketing. A relatively new feature provided by remarketing is the ability to target users who recently visited specific websites or have typed in specific queries on Google.

Therefore, you can target people who recently searched for “buy house,” “sell house,” or “realtor” and those who visited multiple listing service (MLS) listings and real estate sites, including those of your competition.

To build the targeting list, go to the Google Ads campaign dashboard, make a remarketing list related to interests, and add a list of site URLs and keywords. Then, your advertising banners will be served to folks who are currently interested in selling or buying houses — those who visited these sites or searched for these keywords — and will bring qualified traffic to your website.

20. Hire a Professional Photographer

More than 90% of buyers start their search online, and the quality of the image will determine if a property gets seen or not. It’s also a known fact that if the pictures aren’t excellent, the homebuyers won’t stop and read the property description. Even when a realtor suggests a property to their client, the buyer with a busy schedule will decide based solely on the photographs if they want to spend their time going to visit a property.

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